Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Tips to live harmoniously with your finances

Hey loves today I am back with a post all about finances and budgeting, we are in the process of saving for a mortgage deposit at the moment so any advice and tips is welcomed.

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Finances can be stressful for us all at many times in our lives and it can often feel like the only thing you think about sometimes can't it. However, even though it’s nice to have money, it shouldn’t control us. We should be able to live with finances in a healthy way and not in a way that constantly keeps you up at night, worrying and causing a lot of stress in the process. Here are six tips to live harmoniously with your finances.

Have A Proper Budget In Place

budget is a great way of setting out income and spending so that you can see exactly what you have available to spend and what you can set aside, perhaps for a rainy day. The reason why many people can struggle with money is that this budget doesn’t exist or they’ve not made one before and the budget plan they do have isn’t working for them and their spending habits. Perhaps they’re restricting themselves too much on what to spend that it makes them do the opposite?

A proper budget plan in place is going to help you monitor your money in a healthy manner and is something that you want to be as detailed with as possible. There are plenty of helpful online resources that show you exactly how to create the perfect budget spreadsheet. So if you’re looking for helpful tips, then this is where you should start.

Limit How Often You Check Your Bank Balance

How many times do you check your online banking app each day? That’s if you have one available to you to view so easily. If you check it more than once a day, then it’s likely the cause of all the stress and worries about money. There’s no need to really look at your bank balance so often and therefore, it’s a good idea to limit how often you check your bank balance. If it helps, try to set yourself an allocated time each day. It might be something you do as you eat your breakfast or perhaps you check it at the end of your working day, just before you leave the office.

There’s no reason why you can’t limit your viewing and it’s going to really help to create a healthier relationship with you and your online banking app. 

Stop Feeling Guilty For Spending Money

It can be frustrating to see others spending their money and not seeming to care, but when you do it, you feel guilty for doing so. Feeling guilty when spending money is likely coming from a place of fear that you’re going to run out too soon before your next payday or that you’ll criticize yourself later for spending money when you’re struggling at another point further down the line.

That’s no way to live and that attitude to money is going to become a big problem for you. Yes, spending money should be done with some caution, but you shouldn’t feel bad for making a purchase that perhaps wasn’t part of your budget for this month.

We all work hard for the money that we earn and so there’s no need to feel guilty for wanting to spend the money on yourself or on others. The next time you buy something, stop yourself from thinking or saying anything negative to yourself. Instead, tell yourself that you deserve it and it’s something that is going to bring you joy or add value to your life.

Use Apps To Help Set Money Aside

Apps have become a really popular thing to have on your mobile phone or electronic device. What was once a pretty basic development in technology, there are now so many apps out there and available to provide entertainment, assistance, and learning opportunities. There are plenty of apps that can actually serve as your personal financial assistant. These apps have the ability to be linked up to your bank accounts and can automatically set money aside as and when it’s needed to help create a savings fund for you. 

Not everyone is great with saving money, let alone budgeting, so these can be really handy if you do tend to struggle with setting money aside each month.

Get Help Instead Of Struggling

There’s no point in struggling alone when it comes to money, so if you’re having money struggles, then companies like Buddy Loans exist to help you in these troubling times. Finances can often fluctuate throughout life and there may be times where you’re in a tough position. However, it’s important to trust that you’re going to come out of the other side and your finances will improve over time. Please remember to always consider your circumstances carefully.

Make sure you get help when you’re struggling with money and know that you’re not alone when it comes to dealing with money issues because we all have them! Whether it’s a regular thing or a one-off, get help and don’t just suffer in silence. It’s always better to have your problems shared and supported.

Remember That Money Doesn’t Buy Happiness

An important thing to learn when it comes to your finances is that money can’t buy you happiness. Regardless of how much you have, it’s not going to bring you joy that’s ever-lasting. It might be able to fill voids in places where you’re missing something but it’s only a temporary measure and that void is still going to be there. This is something that you’ll want to acknowledge and realize that things can get better when it gets hard.

Strive for happiness in life, not happiness in money. These tips will hopefully give you the guidance and advice you need to have a better relationship with your finances in general. Money is important and does play an active part in your life, but it’s not the be-all and end-all of it. There can be a lot of joy and happiness found in things that don’t cost money and that money can’t buy either. Use these tips to make sure you find a way of living in harmony with your finances.

Budgeting has helped us to be in a better position when we will start to look for a mortgage and its maybe something that could work for you. Take care my loves

Ali x

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