Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Utama Spice Review

Hey my loves, can't believe we are only just over a week to Christmas. It's mad to think how quick 2020 has went and just how much has happened, I truly hope 2021 is a calmer and safer year for everyone.

Today I'm back with a little review of something very different for the blog, you all know I love scientific and science based skincare, but when Utama Spice reached out to see if I wanted to try some of their natural and organic products I was intrigued. The company is based in  Bali and is ran by a group of amazing independent females, and I must admit it was this aspect that really swung the review for me.

The company do a range of natural skincare and actually include mindfulness products, which for me really reiterates the view of the company taking a holistic approach to beauty.

There is a range of skincare, body are, oils,diffusers, hair health and also household products, so without a doubt something for everyone.

The mission statement of respecting and working harmoniously with humanity and nature and the Divine really spoke to me and really made me say that the company was more than just a business it was like a lifestyle.

So let's get into the products themselves, I was asked to give them some ideas of what I would like to try and they would send some bits for me.

Lavender as we all know is super relaxing and great for the senses in dealing with stress and anxiety so that is one of the scents I wanted to focus on along with coconut and cocoa which are two favourite of mine when it comes to body care.

Lavender coconut lotion was the first product I tried and I tried this before I went to bed after a shower. The sent itself was quite light and the lotion was light but still very hydrating. I put it on after having a shower before bed and I was able to put my pyjamas on about 10 minutes after so it's not too bad at all. This lotion is $14.99 so pretty reasonable price.

This pore cleansing face wash $9.99 was the next product I tried and this really intrigued me due to the clay properties within it. It can be used as a wash that you would take off there and then or as a cleansing mask that you could leave on for a few minutes, antibacterial properties including tea tree, patchouli and also lavender will help dry any impurities and also will help with the appearance of large pores, which is great for my oily skin friends. 

The  Wellkiss  hair oil at $9.99 has a base of coconut oil, which is super nourishing. I find it great for the ends of my hair, but unfortunately it's just a little bit too heavy for the rest of my hair or scalp. I have tried this as a mask which worked great, but it took three times to wash out, so just take that into consideration if you're looking into hair oils.

This cocoa butter oil $19.99 is without a doubt one of the best items I tried. It's a solid block and I have been using it most evenings and I have hardly made a dent. It leaves a gorgeous film on the skin so perfect before you go to bed at night. Obviously if you're using tan be careful of the oils as it will break the tan down quicker.

The clearing candle $14.99 is a lovely minty beeswax candles mix with the clearing oil blend, which includes oil like cubeb, peppermint and ginger to promote respiratory relief and wellness. I have been using this when Scott or I have been feeling a little stuffy and it definitely helps.

The revival oil set at $34.99 is all to do with revival and rejuvenation, and includes the oils, origanum, cajeput,  frankincense, grapefruit and clove.  The oils come in a gorgeous gift box so would be great as a gift for someone who loves oils.  Oils have so many uses, and they are becoming super popular in diffusers, and I cant wait to try these out more. I used the cajeput oil recently in a bowl of warm water when I was feeling blocked up. Please be careful though and do your research before using oils as they can be potent and irritating.

Thanks soo much to the team for sending me these bits to try and I cant wait to learn more about the brand. I hope you all check them out on their site linked at the start of the blog.

Till next time loves, stay safe


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