Wednesday, 23 December 2020

Choosing new flooring... Help

 Hey loves, hope you're doing ok and the new talk of restrictions and Christmas hasn't changed your plans too much.

So at the moment we are starting to look around, get some ideas and plans for flooring amongst other things for a potential move next year God willing.  I have been looking on Flooring 365  and I am swaying towards something a little more traditional this time. I feel I am over the cold grey for the main areas, I absolutely loved the grey but now I am really swaying with wood, neutral, and definitely quality that's going to last.

The big one that sticks out to me is flooring, it sets the whole tone of the room and there is so so many different types of flooring these days for all styles and budgets.

Flooring 365 has a great range of parquet flooring  and I remember in my house growing up we had parquet floors in our hall and living room and it was just the most rich, deep stunning colour that screamed warmth and quality and in a way I feel I want to replicate that with our new flooring but maybe in a little lighter shade.

I want something that is going to last and because its going to be in the two main areas of the hall and lounge, we definitely need something that will take heavy traffic,  and a solid wood is definitely a good choice. It will be more expensive initially but we were talking about it and as its going to be down for years to come, I think its going to be a really good investment to make now.

Flooring 365 have their flooring to suit all budgets working from around £25 a metre squared which for solid wood is fantastic, and they have a great selection of colours and tones.  There is a matt white oak which I actually think would be stunning in a kitchen, my head is overflowing with ideas.

If you are looking for some new ideas for flooring, definitely check out Flooring 365 for some stunning ideas.

Till next time lovelies, have an amazing Christmas and stay safe


** Thanks to Flooring 365 for sponsoring this post, but as usual all opinions etc are my own**

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