Sunday, 29 November 2020

Box of Favours Review

Hey my loves, How are you all doing?
I hope you're all doing ok at the minute and trying to get a little Christmassy.
Today I am here with a review of a gorgeous product that was sent to me, that would be a perfect little stocking filler.

I am always looking for cute and different ideas for Scott to either add into his stocking at Christmas, or just as a little surprise. I truly believe small thoughtful gifts, can mean the world to someone, and this little Box of Favours is absolutely perfect for this type of gift.

Sometimes these types of gifts can be a little cheap looking and tacky, but everything about this gift screams class, the packaging, font, its just adorable. Coming from a small and independent business means a lot to me as we all know that this year has been horrendous for companies.

Lots of us are trying to get sorted for Christmas a little earlier this year, and with this being available within a couple of days on Amazon, it’s the perfect gift to pop into your basket for sure.

This is a small independent business, you are supporting someone's hopes and dreams so for me this is definitely an added incentive with everything going on today. Everyone is suffering at the moment with maybe feeling a little low, frustrated etc and this small gift could truly brighten someone's day.

The box of favors is one of the cutest guest I have actually came across. Little moments like this can mean a lot to someone, and for the price it really is the perfect little stocking filler.

So inside the navy and gold box there are 10 printed and 5 plain favour cards, treats include breakfast in bed, special meal, and you can use your imagination for the blank ones!

Now to make it even better the owner ben now donates money for every box bought to the charity “One Tree Planted” after watching a documentary about the despair in our natural world.

You can grab the box of favours here on Amazon and they will be delivered within a day or two, so perfect as a little treat.

I hope you have you enjoyed this review and I can't wait to share these with Scott. 

Till next time loves, stay safe and stay smiling.

*product was gifted, but as always opinions are my own*

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