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Tasty Grub Club Review


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Today, I am back with a review of a new local NI meal delivery service that I was kindly given the chance to try last week called Tasty Grub Club. It’s based in Ballyclare and is chef led so you know you’re getting good quality, fresh food. They got in touch and asked would I like to collaborate and try some of their new meals.

I think a company like this is a fantastic idea, and I love that it is all local fresh produce they use, as this is pumping money back into the local economy which at the minute is massively needed. The food is cooked by chefs and all overseen by people passionate about food and nutrition so you’re definitely in safe hands.

You can choose from three different sections, these include the healthy meals that are all macro and portion controlled which are the ones that I tried,  then there is the “yummy” section which have tasty meals like pork belly, cheesy lasagna and bbq ribs, then you can also do a meal plan where you can pick and choose to suit yourself for a set period of days.

I was sent a selection of the healthy meals and I am going to run through the ones I received and what I thought of them next.

Sweet Chilli Chicken with Wok Vegetables and Fluffy Rice

This one is pieces of chicken in a little sauce with some peppers and rice. The chicken itself was tasty but personally I had to add a little more sauce to it, as I felt with the amount of rice it needed a little more sauce. The chicken was tender and the peppers were a nice addition and added some crunch.

Spaghetti Bolognese with lean mince

This one was my favourite by far. The portion was perfect for a lunch time, or you could add some salad or veg for a dinner and it would be perfect. The mince was tasty and seasoned really well, paired with lovely soft spaghetti it was definitely a winner here.

Prawn and Ginger Noodles with Asian Slaw

Unfortunately I couldn’t try this one as I have a serious allergy to shellfish, but Scott took it to work one night for his dinner. He said that the prawns were tasty and the slaw gave it a nice flavor


Pork Meatballs with a tomato sauce, sweet potato mash and runner beans

The meatballs were lovely and tender in this, but unfortunately I think in the cooking process the sauce had evaporated etc as there was none when I opened it. The sweet potato mash was a little too smooth for me it felt like it had been overworked, but the beans gave the most gorgeous crunch to the meal. I would definitely eat the meatballs again maybe with pasta

No Bun Burger with sweet potato wedges and salsa

It advised taking the salsa out of the meal before heating but heating instructions simply say to pierce film to heat, so I think this would need to be looked at, as I left the salsa on and it was very warm and not great. The burger had a lovely taste of onion in it and was a great size, along with a great size portion of wedges.

Overall the portion size of the meals was great for a lunch, and would be fantastic with added veg for a main dinner portion. I do think there are aspects that are gorgeous but some elements like the sweet potato could be worked on, but I would definitely try them again.

I am excited to look into the yummy range and this week new healthy meals, and I love how the menu changes every week as it allows you to try new things without wasting a lot of ingredients.

For me meal prep like this is a great idea to have a couple in the fridge or freezer if you are busy or like me if sometimes you unfortunately are too weak to cook a full meal, these are super handy and you know you are getting a decent meal.


If you want to try them head to the website here   or the facebook page here  and instagram page here   for lots more information and if you use the code ALISON10 you will get some money off.

Have you ever tried a meal prep company?

Till next time

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** This post was kindly sponsored by Tasty Grub Club, but all opinions are my own as always**




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