Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Summer shower routine for your senses

Hey lovelies
Hope you're well today!

With lockdown and unfortunately for me shielding, getting out and about has been non existent for the past four months, so I have been really using scents  and ways to up my enjoyment of small everyday things and showering without a doubt has been one of those things.

**Palmolive has always been a brand that's been in our home, whether it was as a child in my parents house or even now by using their more luxurious cream shower gels.

They have a new coconut shower cream and when the team got in contact to ask me to try it I was over the moon, and even better you can get it in your weekly shop here  I am using Asda as normal in lockdown and to give me a little sense of normality in shielding I have been ordering our groceries online, you can grab this gorgeous shower cream for less than £1
I love using a cream in the shower as my skin is super dry and this without a doubt gives an added layer of moisture and leaves my skin feeling hydrated. The milk and coconut extracts helps to keep the natural balance within the skin and the hydration levels at an optimum. Last week I actually ran out of shaving cream and ended up using this and my legs felt fantastic after it and there was no nicks or cuts.

The coconut scent is stunning but not overpowering, as I find some of them can be very sickly sweet, but this just reminds me on summer, so I may or may not have closed my eyes and imagined a tropical island a few times.

I have also been trying to exfoliate and take care of the dry skin, so I have been using the Yonka Gommage Body Scrub find it  here, before the Palmolive shower gel cream is stunning, its a real treat for the skin and the senses. 

Taking time out to enjoy a small thing like a shower can be fantastic for your mental health, make it something you do for enjoyment along with the fact that it is a necessity. Let your mind wander to an amazing holiday you had, or even the sent of the suncream you used, its all about waking those senses up and enjoying the mundane things I feel at the minute.

What is your favourite way to enjoy a shower?
Till next time lovelies xx

** This product was gifted by Palmolive, but all views are my own**

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