Sunday, 28 June 2020

Ophrys Elegance Broad spectrum facial sunscreen review

Hi lovelies
So today I am back with a little review of the new Ophrys facial broad spectrum sunscreen. This was kindly sent to me for review but as always opinions are my own.

This sunscreen is one of the new broad spectrum ones which will help protect you from both UVA and UVB rays. When I was doing some research into the topic, I came across a piece of writing from a survey from skin and it states that only 39% of people said that the broad spectrum aspect was an influencing factor in their purchasing decision and this really shocked me.
UVA rays will age your skin prematurely by increasing wrinkles and then the UVB rays are the ones responsible for the skin burning.

So let's get into the product itself. The cream is oil and paraben free and includes vitamin A and E to keep the skin hydrated while using it. The first day I tried it, I definitely used too much, I just of been working it in for at least ten minutes and there was still a faint white cast left.  The high concentrations of the zinc and titanium produce the white cast so less is definitely more with this product, but then if I am honest I do worry if I am getting full protection.
I have tried it with some makeup aswell to see how it blended and mixed through the day. Firstly I tried it with the It Cosmetics CC cream and it mixed quite well and didn't change the wear of the makeup. They do say to reapply every 2 hours but this didn't happen as to start putting a cream on top of your makeup can be a disaster, I prefer to use a spray mist in this case.
I have also tried it with a heavier full foundation and it didn't mix well at all, the foundation didn't stay on my face and I needed extra powder which in all honesty just made it worse looking.
Cleansing the sunscreen off took a double cleanse as when I did my first cleanse I felt as if I still had that mix of makeup and suncream on.

For me, this is a great sunscreen if you're wearing nothing else on your skin as such, I am happy going out without makeup so I can wear this no product just sitting in garden or just out and about, I haven't burned once with it in our heat.
Scott has tried it a couple of times and with his beard he needed to work it in really well.
It leaves your skin feeling hydrated and doesn't have a heavy scent which I loved about it.

Overall I would say, if you want to try a broad spectrum sunscreen definitely give this a try as remember all our skin is different.
If you want to find out more about stockists and further information you can check their site out Here
In terms of price please contact the stockists as some will have offers on but it may be in and around £25.

Thanks to the team for allowing me the chance to try the sunscreen, till next week lovelies
Ali x

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