Saturday, 30 March 2019

Celebrating Mothers Day without a Mum

Mothers day, fathers day and all the celebration days in between can be the most fantastic days, but it can truly be heart wrenching for others and unfortunately that's me.

Doing this blog and social media, I am super lucky to be offered some great gifts and collaborations, and when some emails came through this year again about Mothers Day, like every year I kindly decline and dont think too much more about the emails, but this year one email that came in really made me think. How can we celebrate Mother's Day when you don't have a Mum.

The great people at Newbridge Silverware asked if they could gift something for the day to me, and myself and the PR got chatting and the next day, this stunning locket came in and it is so stunning, and I truly think this could be a really beautiful gift to give someone if their mum has passed away and you want to let them know you're thinking of them. You can find this stunning piece here

Jewellery can bring up so many memories, and create new ones, and I think you could even give this to a friend who has lost their mum just to let them know they are loved. 

Of course it doesn't have to be mothers day to buy this gift, it is such a classic piece of jewellery it would be an amazing gift for all occasions.

This lovely slate heart is from Very, and it's what I have bought for my mummy's grave this year. I always struggle to put something on the grave but this really stood out to me and it was very reasonably priced and the fact I was able to personalise it was so special.

Prestige flowers is a company I collaborate with quite regularly and they sent these beautiful flowers over. This is the Orion bouquet and you can find it here on the site. It is stunning roses and cala lilies and if you're still struggling on a way to celebrate maybe do this with some flowers. Split a bunch or buy 2 smaller ones and have the same at your home and with your loved one, it has actually given me a sense of being close to her because I took a few stems out and popped them with me at home. They have lots of flowers and budgets so definitely you will find something there.

Another great way to celebrate is to make your mums favourite meal. If you're anything like me the thought of going out on mother's day to commemorate mummy would kill me. So I always make a nice meal with daddy and Scott and near the end mummy loved me making her bolognaise and brown rice so I think we will do that this year.

A beautiful picture framed is always appreciated and when snappy snaps reached out to collaborate and again we discussed my situation and we felt a lovely photo would be a nice way to celebrate mummy. Snappy snaps have loads of different photo gifts and there is something for everyone again with great styles and budgets. Pop over here to see all their photo gifts, I have my eye on a couple for sure now

I can't begin to say how hard Mothers Day is for me, but these little ways to remember Mummy will definitely will to celebrate the day.

Thank you to the companies that gifted me the gorgeous pieces for some of this piece, but as always opinions are my own.  Till next time lovelies, stay smiling

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