Sunday, 3 February 2019

Valentines treats with Prestige Flowers

Hey lovelies, hope you're all well and getting over the crazy snow we have been having.

Even though I believe we should be able to show our loved ones how much we love them any day of the year, when it's comes to Valentines Day it's a great day to give an extra special treat to a loved one, whether it be your partner, friend or parent.

I do love fresh flowers in the house and I think they can really brighten the place and also lift your mood. I also love to send flowers for different occasions, but I do worry about postage etc so when Prestige Flowers asked if I wanted to receive one of their special Valentines day bouquets again this year I was chuffed.

They have a great range of bouquets on offer to suit budgets and also what type of flowers you would like to send.

The next day I received this great big box with a stunning bouquet inside. The flowers where secure inside but by no means squashed, and inside a bag with a wet pouch to allow the stems to stay hydrated. There was also the cutest Teddy in the box and gorgeous chocolates, which I won't lie where eaten by the time the flowers were out of box. Dad and hubby were very thankful for those indeed.

The bouquet I received is the Paris and you can find it here. You can add on lots of little extras to personalise the gift which definitely adds to the fun of it all.

I did notice that a few of the flowers were still in bud, and I think this is a great idea because it gives your recipient the opportunity to enjoy their flowers for the longest time which is without a doubt what you want.

The Paris bouquet is definitely worth the £35 as I had to use two vases in the end up when the lilies started to open up, so without a doubt great value.

You can find their range of special Valentines Flowers here let me know what your fave bouquet is!

Till next time my lovelies, I hope you all have an amazing week
Love Ali x

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