Monday, 18 February 2019

Sheet masking with Procoal

Hey lovelies,hope we are all starting to enjoy the lighter evenings. I for one definitely am. If you know me at all, you will know I love sheet masks, I find them great for a quick boost of energy, and feel they are super relaxing when I need ten minutes to myself.

When the team from Procoal got in contact to see if i fancied trying their Marine Moisture mask which incorporated charcoal and B5 roperties, I was excited to try them, as I love using charcoal as a way of extrracting impurities etc from my skin,  and the thought of using it in conjunction with hydrating properties really interested me.

The team kindly sent me out their 4 pack of the Marine Moisture masks, which are full of antioxidants, botanical properties and B5 for lots of moisture and hydration. These masks are free from any nasties including, parabens, silicons and any SLS properties.

Each mask is soaked in 25ml of serum,which is perfect if your skin is feeling extra dry, also each mask comes in a seperate pouch and the mask itself is really well soaked in the serum. I did however have to squeeze some of the serum out into a little pot as when I put the mask on, the serum was literally running off it, and I didn't want  to waste any of the serum.

I kept the mask on for ten mins, whilst catching up on a little Neighbours, and my skin felt lovely and plump afterwards.
At 13. 99 for 4 masks, they are on the higher side of high street, but the fact I was able to put quite a bit of serum from the mask into a pot for another 2 nights use, I would be happy enough to pay that for 4 masks.

To be honest, in terms of the charcoal properties I did't see anything great with this, it was the hydration levels I was most impressed with, and I think because of this, these could be a great gift for anyone, as any skin type, could always do with a hydration boost.

I am definitely going to look into the brand more to see their other charcoal products, and let me know below if you guys use charcoal at all.

If you want to check out the masks pop over to the site Here

Till next time lovelies, keep smiling and striving
Ali x