Saturday, 19 January 2019

Ethical Jewelery with Ingle & Rhode

Hey lovelies, I am back today with a lovely piece on what I feel is a really important topic at present. We are getting more aware of issues surrounding companies using unethical products and suppliers and without a doubt; it's a subject that has interested me more the past year.

You may remember me talking about starting to invest in key items and moving away from fast fashion etc. but as a plus size girl, it’s very hard to find these pieces of clothes, so my way is to invest in pieces of jewellery, handbags etc. that I know can be styled many ways, will last many years and I am aiming to shop from more ethically minded stores. In this piece I have been speaking with the team behind the brand.

In 2006 David Rhode was looking for an engagement ring, but wanted to find a jeweller who could trace the diamonds and he found this near impossible to do. He looked into the jewellery industry and found so many areas that he felt uneasy about varying from blood diamonds to child labour.
David and his friend Tim Ingle knew they had to address this and this is where the brand was born.
The independent luxury jeweller use fully traceable diamonds and other gemstones, including a range of emeralds and sapphires, and are fully on board with an ethical supply chain. Their core message is that everything is traceable and that they are also fully transparent, this in today’s market place in the jewellery industry is so important.

When I was approached by the brand and did a little research, I got the feeling that they truly wanted to look after their suppliers, and they are so passionate about using suppliers who treat their workers with dignity and respect. They are also very keen to limit the impact to the environment, and I think you can agree that without a doubt it’s a company lots of others could take a close look at. Their gold and platinum all come from only certified Fairtrade and recycled sources and all gems used come from conflict free zones and as stated earlier are fully traceable back to their mine of origin. Personally, I think there is something really special about this. Demand for ethical jewellery is growing rapidly, and Ingle & Rhode have all their jewellery made in the UK, so this gives a great boost to the UK economy.

The company themselves have the most stunning range of engagement and wedding rings, and this is what they are mostly known for, you can find their range of engagement rings here and wedding bands here. They also have a selection of stunningly elegant eternity bands and I may or may not be saving a link to my desktop as a little hint to hubby, hands up who thinks it will work. If you want to leave a link for your loved one, pop over here to have a look. They have a range of key pieces within each section, but if you want to truly make your piece unique, the company do an amazing bespoke service, where they will work with you every step of the way to make your dream piece. You can tailor make your piece to the last detail, do you want a classic rose gold, or opt for something a little more modern like, white gold, platinum or rose gold, and what about diamonds and gemstones, you can even decide on the shape of stones, especially great if you love a vintage piece with a trilogy style, or maybe had your heart set on an ultra modern piece set with a solitaire.

If you aren’t in the market for some bridal jewellery but love the idea of the company etc., then they have a gorgeous silver collection, and this is the collection I was kindly gifted an item from.  I was kindly sent the droplet earrings and they are even more stunning in person than in the pictures. These are fair mined sterling silver droplet earrings and each one is set with a stunning brilliant cut Canadian diamond. You can find the earrings here the earrings are £375 and would make the most beautiful gift for a loved one. They also have a matching pendant but what I have found is if you invest in key classic pieces you can pair them up with so many other styles.  Included in the silver collection are some stunning cufflinks, and some classic pieces like the knot earrings here.

I have worn the earrings a few times now, and I must admit knowing that they come from a place of love, ethically mined etc. does your heart good, and I know without a doubt, I will be looking for more ethically sourced pieces this year.
If you want to get in contact with Ingle & Rhode you can give them a call on 020 34687917 or pop into their offices in Marylebone, London.
Thanks again to the team for the beautiful gift, as always opinions are my own.

Till next time lovelies
Keep smiling
Ali x


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