Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Losing your way in blogging

Hey my lovelies, so it's been a good while since I have posted here, I have been active on my social medias but here has been a different matter.

I could say it's because of being ill that I haven't been posting and yes it's a plausible explanation of you're following me on socials you will understand why, but if I am being fully honest, I let blogging and everything that comes with it get the better of me.

The pressure for that perfect feed, to buy the latest trends, to be at the best events and to look on point all day every day, it just got to me, sitting here in my pyjamas, having a flare up with the back injury, hair hasn't been washed in 4 days and you know what, maybe a few months ago I wouldn't have even told you that, but let's get real who can be on point the whole time I know I can't.

The events became a matter of who's who and how many you could go to in a week, and that's all great, but having chronic illness it's just not feasible.

On a little night away with my blogging besties Gillian and Bex we always talk about blogging and our loves and dislikes and the pressure aspect always comes up. At the end of the day blogging to me is a hobby, and it's never going to be about money or a business, if it all ended tomorrow I would have these amazing friendships and that to me is a winner.

I have missed writing for the love of it, so definitely from here on in, it's going to be writing about everything that I love. For me this site nearly has a feel of an online magazine where you can go for lots of subjects, or at least that's where I really want it to go.

Passions and Preening was born out of a love for writing and it's definitely time to get back to that with, beauty, fashion, health, lifestyle and lots in between. Just think of it as your go to site for laughs and everything girly.

For now my lovelies I am taking this creaky back into bed for a look at some Christmas decorations!!

Always stay true to yourself and never let yourself be sucked into what you feel you have to be doing, you can stand apart from the crowd and that's truly okay.

Till next time
Stay safe and smiling
Ali xx


  1. Well, I'm sitting here in my pyjamas reading this, so I can totally relate!!

  2. You're so right. I find that there's a lot of pressure to attend events but a lot of the local events for bloggers are for fashion/beauty bloggers (which is brilliant if that's what you blog about) but they just aren't in my niche.

    As long as you're enjoying what you're doing - that's the main thing. Great post :)

  3. <3 <3 <3 Miss you hunny. This is the exact same way I'm feeling about the whole blogging world at the moment so it is so lovely to hear other people going through the same thing. Pressure is a funny thing and I've been so frustrated about not blogging but I understand now that it's good to take a step back <3