Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Image Signature Peels with Therapie Belfast

Afternoon my lovelies, I hope you're all enjoying this amazing weather, and remembering your SPF!! Which leads me nicely onto today's post.

As we get older we start to see the lines creep in, some pigmentation and lots of other little things appear on the skin that maybe we aren't just 100% happy with.
Skincare without a doubt has come a long way from when I was a teenager, and we have so much information and expertise at our disposal, to allow us to get the best skincare and treatments possible.

When Therapie clinic got in contact to see if I would like to collaborate with them, I was super interested. Therapie have an amazing reputation in Ireland for being a leading clinic in all things skin, laser and lots of other great treatments.

My skin has always been very combination, with a very oily tzone alongside rosaeca, not to mention the dehydration, so you can see Therapie had a hard job to take on.

I went up for my consultation, and I talked through my concerns and what I would like to work on. These consultations are vital in my opinion, not only do they allow you to see what your skin does need but in my opinion more importantly what your skin does not need. I think in today's society, we are bogged down with flashy ingredients and advertisements and in the quest for perfect skin sometimes we throw every ingredient on, and they could be working against each other, not only doing our skin no good,but let's be honest the bank balance won't enjoy it either, so that's why I think professional advice is key!

We talked about what the clinic offered including peels,laser, and microneedling and decided that I would give the Image Signature Peels a go and I was booked in for the next month.

I arrived to get my 1st peel with Niamh and she put me totally at ease. She talked me through the Image brand and having used the brand before I knew I was in safe hands.

The Signature peel aims to work on an overall tone, looking at reducing fine lines and plumbing skin. It works on a cellular level with the active ingredients to increase cell turnover to maximise skin health.

Niamh started with a double cleanse to prep the skin for the solutions. The facial itself is 4 layers and is a mix of vitamin C and fruit enzymes layered with masks of glycolic acid and enzymes to eat away at the dead skin and leaving you feeling amazing.

The Vit C is known to really brighten and even the skin tone and that mixed with the AHAs in the fruit enzymes will magically exfoliate the face without the need for a harsh scrub. This is one of the main things that stood out for me in this facial, as with a traditional scrub the skin can be worked too harsh and for someone with rosacea this is the last thing I wanted.

The mask layering will tingle and Niamh was able to gauge how long to keep the acids etc on for from how much it tingled me, which again is fantastic as it's all tailored and not a one size fits all approach.

The skin is fully cleansed again and a soothing serum applied from the Iluma lightening range and this is on my list to buy as it's stunning!

All in all the facial took 30 minutes and Niamh was a fab therapist. We talked about the after care and home regime. We went through what I was currently using and decided to add in a couple of the Image products.

Over the next few months I had another 2 peels and at the end we revisited my initial consultation to see where we were with results.

My skin definitely felt smoother and more plump but I did feel my pores where still prominent and there was still quite a lot of congestion.
We then discussed the Image lightening peels and microneedling and Niamh felt it would be beneficial to me to do a few of these sessions mixed in with each other month about to get the maximum results.

My makeup definitely sat better and for me that definitely was a huge bonus!

I have had 1 peel and 1 session of microneedling but I am going to give you am update on these after my next session which is on Friday.

I really feel as an introductory peel and as an overall introduction to deeper skincare the signature peel is fantastic! If you feel your skin needs a refresh in the run up to a big event then these could be the one for you.

Therapie also have more invasive treatments like the microneedling, injectables which I am not gonna lie I am seriously considering, anyone who knows me knows I absolutely hate the line between my brows and laser hair removal.

Everything is tailored and they have fantastic sales on throughout the year. Facials will be on a 3 for 2 offer and you can get areas of laser for 1p if you buy another area!! I could see me booking in for laser top to toe at those prices!!

Therapie also sell homecare from Image along with Murad and and other tailored specific brands.
I have been using some of the Image range and I have fallen in love with the Ageless Total Resurface Mask. This can be used twice a week and it just keeps the dead skin at bay, my face feels amazing after it and no doubt in it, this has become my holy grail along with the Image lip balm!! Both can be bought in store.

If you want to get a free consultation, the company have many clinics in Ireland and NI and you can find the team Here

Also you can contact them on 08000121565

I can't wait to share with you my journey with the micro needling.
I share lots about my skin routine and the treatments so pop over to my Instagram Here to keep up to date.

Learning to love the skin you're in is invaluable and good skincare and treatments can make this possible.

Till next time lovelies, be safe, keep smiling and putting that SPF on!!
Ali xxx

*Treatments have been given free of charge but as always opinions are my own and in no way influenced**

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