Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Where have I been??

Well my lovelies,it's been a while!

Life has been interesting the past couple of months and I can totally tell you missed me! So before I get back into all things blog, I wanted to give you a little update.

The biggest thing to smack the Passions house was we moved home. Our last place had a lot of damp, with mould and led to Scott being pretty ill. Enough was enough and we had to move, finding a place suitable was tough but a couple of weeks ago, we moved into a flat with the much needed disabled access shower so it's the start of a new journey. It's a totally different layout to our old place, it's open plan living and kitchen so it's very different to get used to. So the past few weeks have been taken up with that. It will take a while to get all finished but I will keep you all updated.

Next, unfortunately isn't that nice a thing. As most of you know I have epilepsy and there are times when this is pretty easy to manage and isn't very active and others it's pretty active, unfortunately the past couple of weeks it's been active and it's knocked me, but I am heading in for another eeg this week to see if there are any brain changes.

With the house move and a few social things my M.E has definitely been hit, it's getting that balance between doing too much and not doing enough. It's definitely a hard thing to manage but I just have to learn to rest when it's needed and not push myself as much. You'll all understand that feeling of wanting to do something but knowing if you do you will be set back a few days, but I have never let it win and it won't start now.

The last thing is the one that's made the biggest effect on the blog and I would say it's one a lot of you can identify with.
Comparison, is such a negative, hateful word. It's soo easy to look at someone, someone's Instagram, etc and you instantly compare yourself as a blogger but also as a person.  I sit and look on Instagram at home accounts, plus size fashion and even looking for advice on how to nail that perfect Instagram theme, and I could be 3 hours scrolling and walk away feeling deflated and pretty worthless and let's be honest gang, those perfect Insta pictures aren't real life, you see one angle of one room I would love to see the rest of the room lol.
Mental health is so important and I really do think Instagram can be a dark place if you're searching for that perfect aesthetic, I definitely felt it recently looking at those perfect grey and white homes and wishing I could have it, but I have a great bunch of real talking, no rubbish talking blogging besties who keep it real with me!!

Overall it's been a couple of months of fab highs and rubbish lows but I feel for sure that I am ready to get back to creating some content, so sit tight preeners and get ready for some beauty bits, my skincare journey and some more fun!!!

Till next time lovelies 
Ali xxx

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