Saturday, 28 April 2018

Pizza Punks come to Belfast

Hey lovelies, hope you are all doing fabulous, and ready for a great weekend.  Well, if you need an idea of somewhere to eat in Belfast this weekend look no further, I may have just the place for you.

Pizza Punks located in Waring Street right in the heart of the Cathedral Quarter in Belfast recently launched and after seeing the launch night on social media, Scott and I knew it was a place we had to visit. After launching in Glasgow a couple of years ago and going from strength to strength Pizza Punks without a doubt is leading the way with contemporary fusion ideas when it comes to pizza.

We wanted to give it a try on a weekday when it wasn't too busy, so we were up at an appointment in the city this week and decided to pop in. Seriously guys, the vibe when you walk in is just cool, neon and funky. We were seated really quickly and started having a nosy at the menu. We had already stalked the place on instagram and decided we wanted to punk our own pizza, which basically means you can choose any of the toppings, bases etc and your pizza will be £10.  
Scott decided on the sourdough base, with the red sauce, along with, pepperoni, black pudding, red onion and mac and cheese along with mozzarella and parmesan. This is totally Scott in a pizza form!! I decided to go for the sour dough base, bbq sauce.  meatballs, buffalo chicken, caramelised red onion and the irn bru pulled pork. I also had the mozzarella and Parmesan.

The pizza toppings are so out there its fab, but don't worry if you want something plain they have you covered too. Toppings include haggis, beans, lamb donner, meatballs, potato bread just to name a few.

We didn't realise the pizzas would be as big, but when we looked at the menu again they are approx 12 inches so definitely a great size portion,  The pizzas were really tasty. I would say there wasn't much taste from the pulled pork but that would be my only negative in the whole meal, so we were really pleased.

I decided to leave room for a freakshake, so I decided to take half of the pizza home with us and we ordered a strawberry cheesecake freakshake.  The shake came with adorable haribo round the middle and an adorable little piece of cheesecake wedged into the glass with some squirty cream. Now it did say there was strawberry ice cream in it, there was no actual ice cream in the glass but we assumed it was mixed into the shake to make it more creamy. The shake itself was lovely. Personally I would have preferred it to be a good bit more chilled, but again this is only personal preference.

Overall, the food and service was fantastic, and at just under £33 for the full meal which included a lemonade and a beer, we were really pleased with the prices. I really do think its just what Belfast needs and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend it and we will certainly be back!

If you want to get in touch with the team at Pizza Punks head to their facebook page here or you can give them a call on 028 9031 4110

Let me know if you have tried it or if its something you would be into
Till next time lovelies

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