Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Valentines Treats with Prestige Flowers

Hi lovelies, today I am back with a little post all about the Valentines range at Prestige Flowers
The team kindly got in touch and asked if I would like to receive some lovely flowers in time for Valentines, and lets be honest who doesn't love a bunch of fresh flowers in the house.

So, a few days later the door knocked and a big box appeared with a gorgeous bouquet of roses inside, and along with the flowers a gorgeous little teddy called Harry along with a box of yummy chocolates were inside. Unfortunately when I opened the flowers up, quite a few were withered and damaged, but on chatting with the team, they assured me another bunch would be sent out that day. I think the issue may have been that because they come by post, it always takes a little longer to get to NI, but I cant be sure of that, but fast forward a couple of days, and a beautiful bunch of pink roses and lilies arrived at the door, packaged the exact same way, in the sturdy box with a hydration pack around the stems.

You can see from the bouquet above the flowers are stunning, and these are the Be Mine bouquet priced at £24.99 and come with free chocolates, you can grab these ones from the Valentines Range 
The lily stems came mainly closed, but I am very happy with this, as we all know when lilies open the smell is stunning. I have these sitting in my kitchen and you can smell the arrangement throughout the flat. Not going to lie, the chocolates where gone within a couple of days, they were that good.

Harlequin the kitty, has decided that Harry the teddy is her new best friend, and he is currently residing in her little house, I don't think I am getting him back any time soon.

I think sending flowers, can be a lovely way to cheer someone up, congratulate someone, or even just to make the house that little bit brighter, and Prestige have bouquets from £9.99 and lovely little add on gifts to choose from. I will definitely be using them again for a nice Spring bunch for the house, and sssssh I might even order a sneaky box of chocolates too.

If you feel like treating your loved one, or a friend this Valentines Day, definitely give Prestige a call, and don't blame me if you eat the choccies all in one go.

Till next time lovelies, have a fab day

*Thanks to the team at Prestige for the lovely bunch of flowers, as always my opinions are my own*


  1. These are so lovely! It's so great when you have lovely customer service too.
    Gillian xx

  2. Oooh these look so lovely! It's lovely to hear they were able to send you out another bunch as well, that's great customer service :) Our house is overloaded with flowers at the moment, but this could be a lovely idea for Mother's Day in March!

    x Hayley The Tiny x

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