Tuesday, 27 February 2018

NYC Must See

Hey lovelies, hope you're all well today, and the Beast from the East storm hasn't hit too bad yet. 
So, if you follow me on social media, you will know Scott and I visited New York a few weeks ago to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary, and boy what a trip it was.
I thought I would start with a quick post on the top few things I think every first timer to NY should do. I am planning daily diary style posts for the next couple of weeks to show you guys what we did everyday and have lots of tips and info etc, so stay tuned for those.

So for us being first timers to the city, we wanted to visit a number of the main tourist attractions and after a lot of research and planning, we decided that these were our top few to visit. 

Times Square
Not going to lie, when we walked into the centre of Times Square it was like another world. The lights, sounds, people and madness is just like what you see in the movies and we soaked it all in. It was the perfect way to start our NYC trip. I think you definitely have to visit it just to experience it and immerse yourself in the craziness. 

Top of the Rock
This again was one of our big to do things, and it really didn't disappoint. I would say either go early in morning or late at night if you can for quieter times and shorter queues. We arrived at around 9.30am and there was only a few people along with us. The views were just stunning, and to see the city spread out in front of you was amazing. There are a number of tickets available but basic prices start from $35 and there are options to upgrade to VIP. We had the New York Pass, which I will be talking about in my next post and we took the standard ticket with it, and honestly it was fine. I would say if you are thinking of going later in day, possibly look at booking time slots etc, but as I say we went early morning and we went straight through. You can see all of the ticket options here

Central Park
When you think of NYC you always think of central park don't you? Central Park spans for miles and it would be impossible to see it all. My biggest piece of advice here is to pick your places you want to see and plan your route that way. We really wanted to see Strawberry Fields, and the Alice in Wonderland Statue and it didn't disappoint.

Empire State Building
We decided to do this late at night, to get the night time view of the city. Its open to 2am and we went at about midnight and apart from another couple we were the only people there. Again we had our New York Pass and we went straight up. Again like the Top of the Rock there are options to book times etc and VIP experiences but if you time it right there will be little to no queues. Here is the link if you want to check out the different ticket options.

9/11 Museum and Memorial
This was one of our main reasons for visiting the city. If anyone knows me in real life you guys know that 9/11 effected me personally and visiting the memorial was definitely needed. The atmosphere arond the memorial pools is something that cannot be described. I must admit I got quite angry as there were people talking selfies and one girl having a full on photo shoot there and I couldn't help feeling it was disrespectful. To stand there and remember what happened is something I will take to my grave. We went into the museum and again we had the NY pass to use. There was a queue here, and we just happened to get served before 2pm and we could go into that slot for admission. There are tours available but we decided we wanted to do it by ourselves, mainly if I am honest because I knew I would be very emotional. The scenes in that museum is something that will both haunt and inspire me. The sadness was palpable and Scott and I had some quiet reflective moments where emotions really hit us, we talked things through, and found ourselves angry and sad all in one emotion. It has been done so so tastefully and it has made a lasting impression on us both.

Go see a Broadway Show
I had a dream to see a Broadway show ever since I started to love musicals very early on. Since Scott proposed to me with a little Simba teddy, we knew there was only one show for our 1st time at Broadway. The Lion King at the Minksoff Theatre was just outstanding. We prebooked tickets and not going to lie we paid a lot of money for them, but to be so close and immersed in it was amazing. What I will say is, this theatre like many of them is quite small so any seats are good. The show was fantastic, I cried through the whole 1st half. Scott said he looked at me at one point and he said I looked so happy and I really was. There are outlets like TKTS booths in Times Square, or the theatres themselves will sell discounted tickets, so if you aren't too fussy on seating you can definitely get a bargain.

Brooklyn Bridge
This is such an iconic bridge and its definitely a must see in my opinion. We decided early in the morning to get a cab over into Brooklyn which was only a few dollars from our hotel and he dropped us off about 10 mins walk from the bridge as we wanted to have a wee walk. So we grabbed a croissant and started to head towards the bridge. The walk over it took us about 50 mins, it would take someone walking at a normal pace maybe 30 mins but I was slow and we were taking all the selfies, so definitely factor that in. The views of Manhattan skyline was absolutely breathtaking.

Statue of Liberty
Again when you think of NYC you think of Lady Liberty don,t you? We decided to take a dinner cruise to see her in all her glory at night time and the views definitely didn't disappoint. I will be talking more about the dinner cruises in the next posts, but just say it was a comedy of errors on the 1st one. There is the Staten Island Ferry which is free and I know a lot of people use this option to see the statue. There are also lots of boat tours or water taxi tours available that will allow you to get a great view.

So those would be my top choices for a 1st timer to the city. We did a lot more, but that will all be chatted about in upcoming posts. Just because I feel these are the top things to do please do your research and see what takes your fancy. Its a city that has stolen my heart and I would go back in an instant.

Till next time lovelies
Stay safe
Ali xx

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Valentines Treats with Prestige Flowers

Hi lovelies, today I am back with a little post all about the Valentines range at Prestige Flowers
The team kindly got in touch and asked if I would like to receive some lovely flowers in time for Valentines, and lets be honest who doesn't love a bunch of fresh flowers in the house.

So, a few days later the door knocked and a big box appeared with a gorgeous bouquet of roses inside, and along with the flowers a gorgeous little teddy called Harry along with a box of yummy chocolates were inside. Unfortunately when I opened the flowers up, quite a few were withered and damaged, but on chatting with the team, they assured me another bunch would be sent out that day. I think the issue may have been that because they come by post, it always takes a little longer to get to NI, but I cant be sure of that, but fast forward a couple of days, and a beautiful bunch of pink roses and lilies arrived at the door, packaged the exact same way, in the sturdy box with a hydration pack around the stems.

You can see from the bouquet above the flowers are stunning, and these are the Be Mine bouquet priced at £24.99 and come with free chocolates, you can grab these ones from the Valentines Range 
The lily stems came mainly closed, but I am very happy with this, as we all know when lilies open the smell is stunning. I have these sitting in my kitchen and you can smell the arrangement throughout the flat. Not going to lie, the chocolates where gone within a couple of days, they were that good.

Harlequin the kitty, has decided that Harry the teddy is her new best friend, and he is currently residing in her little house, I don't think I am getting him back any time soon.

I think sending flowers, can be a lovely way to cheer someone up, congratulate someone, or even just to make the house that little bit brighter, and Prestige have bouquets from £9.99 and lovely little add on gifts to choose from. I will definitely be using them again for a nice Spring bunch for the house, and sssssh I might even order a sneaky box of chocolates too.

If you feel like treating your loved one, or a friend this Valentines Day, definitely give Prestige a call, and don't blame me if you eat the choccies all in one go.

Till next time lovelies, have a fab day

*Thanks to the team at Prestige for the lovely bunch of flowers, as always my opinions are my own*
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