Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Ten tips to survive a long haul flight

Hey lovelies
Hope you're all well!
So, if you follow me on social media, you will know I was recently in New York to celebrate Mr Preener and I 10 year wedding anniversary, I got a lot of questions, queries etc about the trip, so now that jetlag has left, and my M.E has got back to its normal state, I am going to upload some content all around the trip including planning, tourist ideas etc.

First of all today, I thought I would give my top tips on how to survive a long haul flight. This was my first flight at 8 hours, and I was dreading it, mainly due to my back and I used a lot of these tips and tricks to get me through the flight.

Neck Pillow
So, this was a big rookie mistake on my part, I bought a cheap one and totally regret it. I thought they would all be the same, but by the time we were in the air in Dublin, my pillow was a sad floppy mess, but gave us some laughs, you can imagine it was even worse on the way back! I will definitely invest in a better one next time.

Light Blanket Scarf
Take a nice light scarf with you and it can double up as a blanket if you get cold, or fold it up for a pillow. I got quite chilly on the flight back and was glad I had popped a nice big scarf in my hand luggage.

Fluffy Socks
My feet swell horribly when flying, even over to England, so I always take a pair of cosy fluffy socks, and the minute I get on the flight, my shoes come off and I get cosy. I think making yourself as cosy as possible makes the journey far easier and more enjoyable.

Flight Socks
I think these are a must for long haul flights, especially if you have any time of health concern. I will be honest I totally forgot on the way over to put them on, I think the excitement was getting to me.

Stretch and walk about
On a long haul flight you really need to make sure you stretch your legs and feet and walk about. Every few mins I raised my feet onto my toes a few times, and rolled my ankles along with stretching my calves. 

Hydrate pre flight and during flight
I always try and stay well hydrated before the flight as there is nothing worse than getting one of those headaches thats all down to dehyration on a flight and feeling really rough. I drunk tiny amounts of water before the flight then I had regular bottles of water on the flight, and I have to admit it really did help, as I didnt feel rough getting off the flight. Its easy to forget about water when there is free drinks available, but I really didnt want to feel rough so I stuck to water, orange juice and a cheeky Coke with my snack.

Face mask and beauty treats
I like using a flight to unwind and do a little pampering. I had no makeup on getting on the flight over but I still used my cleanse off mitt with some of my Image Vital C Cleanser to freshen my skin, then I popped on one of the Image sheet Masks, I think I scared Nikki at one stage when she turned round, but I wasnt the only one on the flight with a sheet mask. My skin felt fab after it. The air is all recycled so its drying out your skin at a shocking rate, so using masks is a great way to pump some hydration back in. I made sure to use a nice lip balm to keep my lips hydrated.

Before going on our trip, I downloaded a couple of movies and some episodes of the Crown, please tell me someone else is obsessed with this at the minute, and it really helped pass the time on the flight. Make sure you have a portable charger and any connecting leads with you, as your flight might not have USB chargers. I can never settle to read very much on a flight but I read a few chapters of my new book. I find listening to soothing music, watching a movie or an episode of my fave show makes me enjoy the flight a little more.

Take some snacks
We were given a snack and meal on the flights, but I decided to pack a couple of snacks for Scott and I, and it was so handy to have. I packed a couple of the Nakd bars, and some crisps and a cheeky pack of haribo. I wouldnt be an overly fussy eater but we all know what flight food can be like.

Sit back and relax
Flying can be really anxiety inducing for some, and I truly think if you can try and make it as enjoyable and have some home comforts with you, it will help the flight and experience be far more enjoyable. I got anxious a few times on the way there, but I think it was a mixture of nerves and excitement, but I just focused on my movie, and kept thinking about the amazing holiday that lay ahead.

Gang I hope you enjoyed those little tips, and if you use some let me know. If youre heading on a flight soon, I hope youre off to somwehre fab.
Till next time lovelies
Ali x


  1. Long haul flights can be an absolute killer! I remember doing one to Las Vegas a couple of years ago which ended up being near 11 hours (including our transfer) and it absolutely sucked the life out of my mum and brother. I'm very lucky that I have been able to travel to America numerous times, but I think with some company the flights are a little easier. I can literally tick all these tips off my list!

    I had the same mistake with a neck pillow! Bought a disney one from poundland and it wasn't the best lol! But it did make for a good cushion on the tray table when I was attempting to lay down that way! I always bring my own earphones too because the ones provided always hurt my ears >.<

    No long flights for me this year but hopefully a couple of european trips in the not so distant future :D

    Can't wait to see all your photos and hear about all of your adventures!

    x Hayley The Tiny x

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