Thursday, 2 November 2017

Date night with Revolucion de Cuba Belfast

Hey lovelies, hope you all had a fantastic Halloween and you're ready for all the Christmas fun to come, but before we get to Christmas, how about a date night with a Latin twist?
When the team from Rumormill got in touch, to see if hubby and I fancied trying out Belfast's newest Cuban Bar and Cantina, we decided it would be a great date night treat.

We decided to pop up on the train as when you think about it, we would spend the same on petrol as we did on train fare, and it meant Scott could enjoy a cocktail or two. It's so nice to go and try new places, and we were looking forward to a night out.
Revolucion de Cuba is located in the old Cafe Vaudeville in the city centre, so it's perfect to pop into for something to eat or an after work cocktail. 
We were booked in for 6pm, Dan greeted us at the door, and showed us to our table, explaining the menu and telling us about the cocktails. He was so attentive during the evening, and nothing was too much trouble for him. Our waitress Lucy came to take some drinks orders, and we decided on a classic mojito for Scott and I had the tropical punch. 
We had a look over the menu, and trust me when I said, it was hard to choose, there was soo much choice, and everything sounded fab.
We decided to have the three small plates to share to start which included, chicken quesadillas, cheeseburger tacos and charred halloumi. 
The cheeseburger tacos, was a beef burger mixture, with manchego cheese sauce and jalapenos all laid on three small soft tacos. The size of these were perfect and really tasty. The cheese sauce was perfect on them.

Next up, we had the chicken quesadillas, which was 2 grilled tortillas with a mix of cheese, chicken, peppers and onions inside. These were really crispy and filling, and without a doubt something I would try again. I was worried it was going to be a little too spicy, but it had a great mixture of heat and flavour which was fab.
Last of the 3 plates was the charred halloumi and for me this was the star of the starters, the halloumi was perfectly chargrilled, and mixed in with butternut squash and courgette all mixed with a gorgeous light chilli jam. This again was full of flavour, and since then I have tried to recreate this as a salad. If I am honest, it definitely wasn't as good.

Overall, we were super impressed with the starters, they were full of flavour and the portions were great for 2 people to share. I think this would be great to have to share for a lunch. 

One thing, I will say is definitely order your cocktails as soon as you go in, we waited till after our starters for our 1st set of cocktails to arrive. Lucy was so apologetic, but she explained there was only one barman on the cocktail area, and the place was getting extremely busy, so definitely order the cocktails early. We didn't mind as we were there for the evening and in no rush, and they definitely were worth the wait.
Our main courses arrived within a few minutes of us finishing our starters and they looked fantastic. Scott had ordered the chimichangas, and I ordered the Cuban Cheeseburger which came with fries.

The chimichangas, were lime and soy marinated chicken, with mozzarella, peppers, pico de gallo all wrapped in a tortilla and fried. It was served with zesty rice, black beans, sour cream and guacamole. I must admit I had the dreaded food envy, you know the one were someone orders something amazing looking! I had to try it, and its definitely on the menu the next time for me. 

My Cuban burger, was a steakburger with manchengo and cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato and a rum mayo. I had the rum mayo on the side and it was gorgeous to dip my fries into. The burger was full of spice and flavour, and went so well with the cheese and rum mayo. 

We decided to order another round of cocktails, and this time Scott took the Madhatter which was a really sweet fruity cocktail full of Cuban flavour, and I went for a strawberry daiquiri, which is made using their special slushy machine. They arrived whilst we were deciding on some desserts and they were gorgeous. The frozen daiquiri was really nice as a palette cleanser before we decided on some dessert.

I knew even before going, I would choose the churros as we knew they were fab from the last time we were up for some snacks before an event and they had been wonderful, so I choose these and Scott decided on the brownie with vanilla ice cream.
By now, the place was really filling up, and there was live music, and I have to admit there was such a fantastic vibe about the place, we were having a great wee night. I chatted with Lucy about the live music and she was telling us it was on every night, but at the weekend they have the salsa dancers and music, so for sure we will be back again for a few cocktails on a Saturday evening. 
Our desserts arrived pretty quickly and the churros and brownie were lovely and warm. The churros came with 2 sauces, a rich warm chocolate sauce, and a rum caramel sauce, both were lovely and the churros were light and crispy. Scotts brownie and ice cream was light and rich, and the vanilla ice cream worked really well with the chocolate.

I have to admit, I would gladly do the 120 mile round trip just for the haloummi and churros they were that good.
Scott finished the meal off with a Corona, and I decided on a diet coke, a third cocktail may have led to chaos on the train!
We had such a fantastic evening, the service, food and atmosphere was wonderful. Its definitely somewhere I would go for a date night, a cocktail after shopping or a night with the girls, it just had a really nice vibe to it and I can't wait to get back on a weekend.

Thanks to Dan, Lucy and the team at Rumor Mill PR for a great date night. It is definitely worth taking the train up for the evening and enjoying what the city has to offer.
Check out Revolucion de Cuba here

Now, I am off to dream about daiquiris and churros.
Till next time my lovelies, keep smiling.

*This post was in collaboration with RumorMill PR, but as always all opinions are my own*

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  1. Now I want ALL THE COCKTAILS!!!
    Must arrange a wee day out here again soon. I bet Mr Flicks's himself wouldn't object either!!!
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