Sunday, 22 October 2017

Pearly Whites with The White House

Hey lovelies, hope your all well, and the storm didn't hit too bad where you were. You may remember from my social media, that I was invited up to The White House teeth whitening clinic in Belfast to have my teeth treated, and I thought I would give you the rundown on it all.

Teeth whitening has become so popular in recent years, and there seems to be a new clinic opening every week, but the problem with this is, sometimes we don't know who to trust, or who is the best and will care for your teeth as well as brighten them. Its definitely an area you want to do your research in, if you are considering a treatment. 

I have had my teeth professionally whitened a few years ago, and since then have tried the whitening strips and teeth whitening powder. All of these have their pros and cons, but when the email popped through asking if I would like to collaborate, I decided to do some research.
These clinics have a fantastic reputation, and have clinics all over Ireland. They are dental practitioner led, and use the highest grade laser equipment and teeth health is at the forefront of their sessions.

I was greeted by a lovely receptionist, and asked to fill out a consultation form, which went through any questions I had and also health matters, this was then passed to the practitioner to look over just to make sure I was ok to proceed.

I was talked through the procedure, and then shade matching was done on my teeth to see how much we could expect any whitening to achieve.  My teeth weren't overly bad, as I do take care of them and I get regular scale and polishes etc, so I knew I wouldn't come out looking like Simon Cowell. The practitioner felt I could achieve maybe 5 shades lighter, and I felt that was a fantastic possible result.
It was explained that the gel was all naturally derived, and it would be done in 3 separate 15 minute sessions, to ensure that if any sensitivity was to happen it could be controlled and that they could also check the results each session.
I placed the cheek retractor in, and vaseline was applied to my lips as the laser does have a tendency to dry the lips out. 
A gel to clean the teeth was applied and dried off, then the sessions started. The gel was comfortable and the laser produced no heat, so it was a nice 15 minute nap for me in between watching some TV

After my three sessions, I rinsed my mouth out and some shade matches were taken, and I had came up 6 shades, I was chuffed to say the least, and the change is very clear to see. I had no sensitivity at all, which I was very surprised with, as my teeth would be a little sensitive at times.
I was told to avoid foods that would stain the teeth for 24 hours and give them a call if I had any concerns at all.

Unfortunately, over the next few days, I could see my teeth were regressing back quite significantly, so I decided to email the team to talk through my concerns, and they were fantastic. They felt the best way to proceed would be for me to come up and they could do a top up session.

Fast forward a few weeks and I was back up with the team. I was told that sometimes peoples teeth are very porous and that the whitening doesn't take first time, but if this happens the clinic will always try and help in any way they can.
I had a top up session, and you can see from the picture below, the teeth came up well again. Again  I was told my aftercare and told if i had any issues just to contact them.

You guys know I am always open with you, I was concerned that they would regress fully again after this second session.
Now, a few weeks later, they have regressed a little, but not fully, and I am still very happy with my results.
I will definitely be booking in for a top up next year for sure. Having a nice clean smile does wonders for the confidence. I had a bad accident when I was a teenager and lost lots of teeth, so I am paranoid on that side of it, and I think thats why I love a nice white smile to compensate it.

The team in the Belfast clinic, were so professional and nice, and they made sure I felt at ease at all stages of the procedure.
They do different offers throughout the year, and if you book a session you can avail of discounts on top ups. 
Sessions normally cost £145 and if you would like to contact the team, just pop along here

Thanks to the team at The White House for the fab service. This treatment was kindly gifted to me, but as always, all opinions are my own.

Keep smiling
Ali x

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