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Skinny Tan.... was it for me?

Hey lovelies!
Hope you're all really well, and you are looking forward to getting into all things Autumn. I can't wait for cosy days,knits and lots of hot chocolate and movie nights. Not to mention all the great TV in the run up to Christmas.

So today I am back with a review of some of Skinny Tans range. The team kindly sent me a gorgeous package to try a wide range of bits and let me see what the brand has to offer but as always my opinions are my own.

I had heard of Skinny Tan and always would see it when I was in Superdrug but must admit never picked it up. It has launched in Boots Ireland now which is fab for all my southern belles looking to be a bit more bronzed, so you can grab it in store or here if you are in the South of Ireland or if you're up North you can grab it in store or Superdrug online here Prices do vary and there are always offers on, so always check these out.

I don't tan that much but when I do I love that little glow it gives, it just makes you feel a bit better for some reason.

Now let's get onto the brand itself. First off I am going to say I really don't like the name, but I do get where it comes from. The tan itself is said to be good for the skin and full of oils and moisture to keep your skin looking great. It also incorporates guarana to help with the appearance of cellulite and we all know cellulite can make us feel less than great, so yes I see with the guarana aspect they got skinny tan, but for me I really just don't like it, but it would not put me off using it at all as I can see what they were going for.

So, I have Casper like pale skin nearly see through so a really dark tan never looks natural on me, I always go for something light and natural.
I was kindly sent a few products to try, so let's jump into whether or not I became a golden goddess.

Exfoliating Mitt
This mitt is £5.99 in Superdrug and eight euro in boots at present. The mitt is double sided and has a great elastic for your wrist to keep it secure. One side is for general exfoliation and the other for more stubborn tan bits, say your wrists and ankles. This mitt without a doubt is worth the money and I use it every time I am in the shower. My skin feels amazing after it. I was using the little gloves from Primark but seriously this is far better. It's great for a pre tan exfoliation or to get the bits that haven't worn off well removed.

Tan and Tone Oil
I was really excited to use this one as I love an oil on my skin. Again it has fab skin saving ingredients and promises to give a golden glow. It has the slightest guide colour and if I am honest I would have preferred something with a bit more colour guide, but it went on lovely and dried very quick without that awful tan smell.  I let it develop for a few hours then I gently rinsed the top layer off. I was left with a barely visible colour unfortunately. I think I maybe didn't put enough on as it was hard to see where it was going. I think the oil would be perfect for someone who tans often and isn't concerned about having a guide colour. I will give this another try and put it on a bit more liberally to see how that turns out, but was a lovely smell and my skin felt great. It is £21.99 in Superdrug and 29.99 Euros in Boots.

Pre Tan Exfoliating Primer
This is an exfoliator to use either before tan or as a normal exfoliator. It is super creamy with very small granules. It smells of Summer in a bottle and I had high hopes. Unfortunately this exfoliator is just too gentle to get a good scrub for someone with dry skin. I have super dry skin due to medication so for me I need something a bit harsher. I have been using this as a normal daily exfoliator and it's grand for that, but to either get prepped for tan or scrub tan off unfortunately it's a no from me. It is £9.99 in Superdrug and 13.49 Euros in Boots.

So the mousse version can be bought in Superdrug for £21.99 and Boots for 29.99 euros and it has a fantastic guide colour. It goes on like a dream and dried very quick. This one would be the one with the typical tan smell, initially it was lovely and had a coconut smell but the longer it developed the more biscuity it got. The results were lovely and it had a lovely olive tone to it with no hint of orange at all. It wore off lovely and I would say it lasted a few days before I needed to scrub it off. Excuse the pic of my legs, but I think it shows the guide and developing colour well.

Tanning Mitt
I am the kinda girl who really does believe a mitt can make all the difference and this one is lovely. It's very soft and the tan sits well on it but doesn't soak in loads, so you're not wasting product. It can be got in Superdrug for £5.99 and Boots for 7.99 euro.

Gradual Tanner
So this is just like a normal moisturiser, but it still has some active tanning ingredients and their cellulite saving guarana in it. I used this in the morning and I found it lovely to apply with the mitt. I nearly made the mistake of putting it on with bare hands, then I remembered back to the days of another gradual tanner on bare hands and me ending up with orange palms, never again will i make that mistake. It took a few days to build up on me and i did notice I had missed a couple of little patches, but it was not a major issue. I would say again if you are confident on application this is fab, it would also be great to use on holidays so you always have that base tan. I will definitely be using this through winter when i just want a little glow. It can be got in Superdrug for £14.99 and in Boots for 19.99 Euros.

So all in all, there were good and bad if I am honest. I would definitely say the Exfolitaing Mitt and the Mousse are the stores of the show. In terms of price point they are on the higher range completely. Now for me who only tans maybe every couple weeks, I dont mind paying higher prices, but I would say if you were someone who tans very regularly then it would pain me to pay 30 quid a time for a bottle. You guys all know I adore the Bellamianta tan and in my mind its going to be hard to ever beat that, I do think the tone of the mousse is just as nice as the Bellamianta and the longevity os just as good, but the Bellamianta doesnt smell as bad and it is a little cheaper.
The pre tan primer really wasnt a good enough exfoliator in my opinion, but remember these are all just personal opinions, you may love a more gentle scrub.

All in all, I will deifnitely buy the exfoliating mitt, gradual tanner and mousse, and there are a few other bits of the range I fancy trying.
Did it make my cellulite or make me skinny? Well that would be a no, but what I will say is your skin always does look a little more flawless with a tan, so in that way I felt better about my body.

So there you go lovelies, lots of bits here to get you golden and give you a little glow for Winter. Let me know in the comments below if you have ever used this tan.
Till next time
Ali xx

** Thanks to the girls from Skinny Tan for providing the product for consideration, as always opinions were my own**

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