Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Me time at Galgorm Resort and Spa

Hey lovelies, today, sit back relax and be prepared to want to book in to the Galgorm Spa by the time you have finished reading this.

So last week myself and a few other girlies were very lucky to be invited by Juliet and the Scarlett team up to experience all the fab new areas the Galgorm Spa has to offer.

Now the Galgorm is one of those places you have either been to, know someone who has been, or have without a doubt heard about. It is pure luxury and any online pics do not do it any justice. Just a 30 minute drive from Belfast, set around the stunning River Maine, it's perfectly located for a weekend away.

So we were all welcomed and given our locker keys to go slip into something a little more cosy. Now I am going to admit, the robes did not fit, they aren't overly generous sizing and my girl Gillian from Eyeliner Flicks went to see if there were any other ones available. It took quite a while to get the plus size robes and these were hugely different to the standard ones. I must admit initially I did feel very out of place as it was very obvious these were not the same branded robes, but I was in this stunning location with the best girls and I just thought let's just rock this VIP robe!

We all proceeded into the orangery and were treated to some amazing canapes and prosecco and the lovely Tara talked us through the evenings events.
We were there to see the new and extended Thermal Village, learn more about the new Elements cafe and to celebrate Spa September which is all about the Spa holding different evenings and wellness days, to celebrate me time and teaching people how important it is to have wellness and mindfulness in our lives.

Tom from BioEffect was there to give us an insight into the brand. The Galgorm is the exclusive partner in Ireland for the brand and the passion Tom has for the brand is infectious.
The brand itself is Icelandic and sold predominantly in high end luxury stores like Liberty's, Harrods and Selfridges and incorporates micro crystalline lava, so you are definitely getting a very exciting product.
The main element of the brand is the EGF which is an epidermal growth factor, which is a human protein found in the skin and it stimulates the cells to renew,repair and regenerate themselves to produce a brighter and fresher skin tone. The Spa itself uses the brand for treatments and the fab Laura from What Laura Loves got to experience and amazing facial and her skin was soo hydrated and glowing afterwards.
The strength of the salon products is approximately 50% stronger than the products you can buy to further your treatment at home,so you definitely can be assured you are getting amazing quality products in the Spa.

After talking with Tom, we were all taken over to the new Elements Cafe which now houses the food and drinks that were previously given in the Orangery. This dome is only one of a handful in the world and has this gorgeous cosy feel to it.
While we listened to some live music, we got a cocktail masterclass on how to make a Gin Daisy. Now I have to admit I am not a huge Gin lover, but this was so fresh and fruity. Duncan came out to talk to us about some food we would be trying. Indian chicken, salads, salmon and some mini desserts and it was safe to say we were all very happy with the food. It was all so light and tasty but really filling. Elements has something for everyone, salads to the most amazing desserts and cocktails and the dome itself is so relaxing.

By now, it was pretty dark, the rain was falling and the Spa was lit up and we were all excited to get out to sample it all.  Warm towels and maps in hand and we were off.

I must admit it was stunning, and it's clear to see why people rave about the place. I was taken aback if I am honest with the beauty of it all, and I felt extremely lucky in that moment to be in such a stunning place with some amazing girls.

There is so much to offer in the spa, from saunas, pools, fire pits, hot tubs, gardens and even a snow cabin. Yes I said a snow cabin!! It really is somewhere that would cater to whatever you fancied doing. There is even a gym if you fancy working up a sweat before the snow cabin.
Gillian Bex Victoria and I decided to take a little walk and we ended up in the Snow Cabin, queue an impromptu Photoshoot and lots of giggles.

Some of the girls decided they fancied a dip in the hot tub, and Victoria and I decided to relax at the fire pit and take in the surroundings and the lights.

We finished the night off in the indoor pool having another giggle and relaxing.

The Spa can tailor packages and treatments to suit your needs and trust me if they are all like the facial demonstration we got, they will be amazing.

So what started off as a night that I was a little bit nervous for with the robes, ended up being one of the most relaxing but invigorating nights in a long time.
I truly believe in having some me time whether that be a new book, coffee with your girls, or saving up and doing something special like this. The Galgorm have offers on at the moment for different packages and myself and some of the NI blogger girls have already set a Facebook group up to try and sort a date for before Christmas.

Looking after yourself allows you to come at life with more energy and enthusiasm and as someone who has dealt with mental health problems before mindfulness and wellness are so important.

I can't thank Juliet and the team in the Galgorm for allowing me to experience this amazing place in the evening, so now I am off to enjoy the gorgeous spa candle, wine and choccies we were spoiled with.

If you are wanting to book into the Spa for one of their 90 minute signature treatments then I have a special offer for you. If you book between a Monday and Thursday throughout October and November and quote "spa September bloggers" you will receive a complimentary glass of prosecco and a spa gift to take home. All you have to do is pop Louise and email on

I hope you have enjoyed this post on the Spa, I am sure you will agree it's worth a visit.
Let me know if you have been and what you have thought about it.
Once again thanks to the team at Scarlett PR and Tara, Tom and the team in Galgorm.

Till next time lovelies, keep smiling and taking time for you.
Ali x


  1. It all looks so beautiful and relaxing and gosh I really want to visit and relax and treat myself! Might have to put it on the wishlist, or christmas pressie list! :) The pictures are absolutely stunning and it looks like you all had a brilliant night!

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