Sunday, 6 August 2017

The highs and lows of three years blogging!

Hey my lovelies, I hope you are all doing amazing tonight and having a nice chilled Sunday.  Well it's crazy to think but today, three years ago I wrote my 1st blog post. Never did I think 3 years on I would still be at it.

I have to admit there have been some huge highs and lows. I have had the chance to work with some amazing brands and people, but most of all I have had the opportunity to meet the most amazing friends, who I now class as some of my closest girls.

There have been times where I have thought why do I bother, but you know what a message from a reader, a WhatsApp from one of the girls or simply looking at a photo and being proud makes it worthwhile. It's not the glam events, meetings or gorgeous perks, don't get me wrong those are wonderful and I couldn't be anymore grateful for it all, but the people I have met mean more to me than any of that.

Today, a lot of people have a real negative view of blogging and the industry. They think we are paid to basically lie about reviews and that we are scared to rock the boat with a company incase we don't get the next event invite, but I honestly believe the majority of us are doing it purely for the love of it. We all love it for different reasons, maybe it's the writing, the photography or buying that brand new release and being able to let people know your thoughts and that's what I love, we all have this passion.

In 3 years I have seen so many changes, loads of new bloggers and social media influencers becoming the new wave of advertising and I really do love it. Some bloggers feel that a blog should only be a written website but with the new ways of media and how people view media places like Instagram and quick Snapchat or Insta stories are becoming more and more popular. Things are changing and I can't wait to see what the next 3 years bring.

I can't say it's been all plain sailing. Getting over my anxiety to get in a train on my own was a huge thing and only really happened the past year, but it has been such a positive move for me. My best memory of conquering my anxiety was when the wonderful Amy from Publicity Loft invited me to Dublin for the Image Skincare Event. You all know it's a brand I adore and I was excited, but the thought of a train on my own was crazy, but you know what I grabbed it and rolled with it. We won't say much about the anxiety attack coming out of Penny's Mary Street though, gosh that place is huge, I needed another day in it.

When I think about the illnesses and the hardship in life, it's hard to see why I bother at times, but my blog gives me purpose, it focuses my mind and to be honest it gives me an excuse to shop 😂

So, what do I want for the next three years. 
Well without a doubt I want to become more technically involved in the blog and hopefully look at working with some more amazing companies, but most of all I want to continue writing and producing content on my platforms that both you and I love.
I want to nurture and grow all the amazing connections and friendships I have made and I would love to become more confident in my abilities.

There are soo many amazing girls I have met through this and companies who have supported me and I can't thank you all enough. If you pop over to my Instagram i will have a post up with some of my faves for you to enjoy.

Gosh looking back at all the pictures, I truly have some amazing people in my life. Not forgetting Mr Preener and Daddy Preener, they think it's all madness but support me everyday.

So for the next three years let's all keep growing and believing how amazing we all are.
Till next time lovelies
Ali xx


  1. Wow! Great post and huge congratulations on your 3 year blogiversary ��. Xxx

  2. Congrats on 3 years!!! :D Though I've only just found your blog, I absolutely have been loving ready your past posts and cannot wait to read so many more in the future :)