Thursday, 27 July 2017

What's around this corner?

Hey my lovelies, I hope you all are doing fab tonight and looking forward to a great weekend. This wasn't a scheduled post but sometimes there are just things we need to get out isn't there?

So, I am sitting here, fake tan on cooking, pjs on, trying to concentrate on the Inbetweeners and all I can think of is this hospital appointment tomorrow and if I am honest I am absolutely scared to bits. I am seeing the Cardiac team in Antrim tomorrow and I am soo scared my life will change from tomorrow.

A little bit of background might help me work these feelings out. My grandparents who I never met both died of heart disease and attacks, my mummy had heart failure, 9 attacks the tragically an arrest which she never came back from. Heart issues have played on my mind for years, if I am honest probably for at least 15 years. I watched my mum go through all of this and I have always wondered what if...

For a long time now I have had the odd nippy pain in my chest and always just was too scared to say anything to anyone. Scott has known for a little while now because again if I am honest they have been getting worse and I am petrified.  I always put it down to my fybromyalgia or anxiety but I was with my GP a few weeks ago and suddenly this feeling came over me that I should and actually had to tell her and she was straight on the ball. Fast forward a few weeks and I sit here wondering what tomorrow will bring.

What if it is what I have feared for so long, what if the genes have passed down, what if what I witnessed in my mum's eyes the night she passed is in my future... what If?  I look in my dad's eyes and what if that hurt will be in Scott's eyes, have I let my weight get out of control that my heart will not cope, has this been all my fault?

I think by now, it's time to find out. I buried my head for years and now that I am facing it, part of me wishes I had of just kept it all in the dark.

I don't honestly know what tomorrow will bring, but I know I will just have to face it and deal with good or bad.

I don't know why I wanted to write tonight, but sometimes writing it down makes it easier to process, I think that's what most of us love about blogging isn't it.

So, whatever is round this corner, we can all hit it face on. If you're facing something at present please know you're strong and can and will cope.

Love to you all tonight and I promise to let you all know what happens
Ali xx


Friday, 21 July 2017

What I am loving this Summer

Hey my lovelies, today I am back with a few bits and bobs to get you through this Summer. Summer can be such a fab time to make new memories, catch up with friends and for me and all you beauty lovers out there, it can be a time for discovering great new products. 

For me I love making memories, and I honestly believe everyone feels that little bit better in the Summer so it can be a fab time to catch up with friends you haven't seen in a while, go to that little cocktail place you have always wanted to try, grab a coffee somewhere cute or just sit and relax with loved ones. For me, my mental health suffers more in the Winter, when it's harder to get out and having these memories to look back on always helps. Capturing moments to look back on is always a great way to hold that memory in your heart forever.

These pictures below just make my heart smile, my girlies and time spent at the beach with Scott and  days out with Daddy, are amongst my happiest memories this year by far. 

Summer for me when I think about beauty, is all about that gorgeous highlight, pretty blush and all things pretty. Recently I have been in love with Kiss nails **. I was at an event a few weeks ago with their team for a rooftop party in the Merchant and I have been trying a few styles since. They are super easy to glue on and I have been really impressed with their longevity. Here I am wearing a gorgeous set of pinky coral gel ones with a gradient glitter, they are the perfect summer nail.
Highlighting can really lift a makeup look, and I have to be honest I dont feel finished if I don't have a little highlight on. These items** from Nude By Nature which have just released in Ireland are simply stunning. The cream highlight gives the most subtle champagne glow, but put a  little of the powder over it and bam!! highlight heaven. I have also been using the highlight on my eyes and its soo pretty!
This little blush and highlight set from ELF is perfect for multi tasking. Again I would pop the coral rose shade on my lids and it makes blue eyes pop. I would then use the highlight on the inner corner and cheek bones, and although subtle, if you use a little setting spray on your brush it builds up really well.
I have been loving this** NOTE concealer the past few weeks. Due to my oily combo skin I find I break out easier in the Summer because of the heat, and this concealer is perfect for the breakouts. It's full coverage but yet it is really light, so when I am concealing any redness or blemishes it doesnt thivken up on them. This would be beautiful in a lighter shade for under the eye area also.
I have been reaching for these beauty bits loads recently and I dont think they will be leaving my makeup bag anytime soon.

I also find that Summer is a great time to shake up your skincare routine. In winter a lot of us need thicker, heavier serums etc, but I find in Summer I like to switch up to something a little lighter. Now, it's normally the partners stealing our skincare isn't it, well this time girlies its the other way round. I have used Kiehl's for years and without a doubt it's a brand I trust. Hubby was running low on the heavier cream version of the Ultra facial Cream, so when up in our local Belfast store we decided coming into Summer he could try the lighter Ultra Facial Moisturizer. Its a great all round one, and I have to hold my hand up that I gave it a go and have fallen in love, and this is the one I reach for most mornings. No wonder hes asking why its running lower quicker. Woops.

This  shower gel from Roger and Gallet popped in the door a while back** and instantly I fell in love. Anyone who knows me, knows I adore orange scent and this is hands down the most refreshing shower gel I have used. I keep it for days when I need pepped up and it leaves my skin feeling so nourished.

Taking time out for yourself is important all year round, and you will find what works for you to make you feel relaxed. My anxiety has been pretty bad recently and I have been really working on finding things that work for me. My favourite little place to go when the weather is nice, is a little riverside cafe called The Cranagh in Coleraine the food is fantastic and there is just something so peaceful about it. I really do enjoy taking some time out down here.
Burning candles is another way to calm the senses, and again it's all about finding what works for you. This candle** from FieldDay Ireland is in their Tea scent, and although I was worried I wouldnt like it, it is soo subtle that its really pleasant and uplifting.
The last way I relax is take some time out with Miss Harlequin, should that be playing with her, or just laying petting her, her little purr completely relaxes me.

Remember, the main thing is to have fun, make memories, and take care of yourself phsically and mentally.
Till next time my lovelies, keep smiling.
Love Ali xx

Items with ☆☆ have been kindly gifted. These are not sponsored and all opinions are my own.

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