Sunday, 2 April 2017

Stepping into Spring with five of my favourite things

Hey lovelies, so I hope you are all enjoying the fantastic weather! Here in NI we have been loving the few days of sun, and how do we all know Spring has sprung, it's time to get the washing on the line!! So, today's post, in homage to Spring and Summer is the five things I have been using loads recently and will be taking into Summer with me, so sit back, grab something cool and enjoy!

So, these five things I have been reaching for either consciously or without even thinking about it and I definitely think you will all love them! 

Blank Canvas Pippa Palette
I am sure you have all heard of this palette, and I was super late to the party with this one to be honest. Mr Preener bought it for me at Christmas, and I must admit I wasn't overwhelmed to begin with as I thought it was quite powdery with not much pay off, but when I used it a few times, it settled down and I have totally fell in love. You can buy it here for £29.76 and Blank Canvas do some amazing sales throughout the year so keep an eye out. The palette itself is all you need to create some stunning eye looks and also has your contour, blush and highlight. The eyeshadows last well, and the black has to be one of the darkest ones I have ever used. My standout for the palette has to be the blush and highlight, just perfect pretty Spring colours and even gorgeous on the eyes. The palette is great for travelling and I know I will be using this for months to come.

Mindfulness Book
I picked up this book in a discount book store a few months ago after starting to study the practice of mindfulness in my therapy sessions. It was a practice that really appealed to me as learning to live in the present and anchor myself and focus was something that didn't come easily to me. This book was a few pounds and although I cannot find a link to the store I bought it in, I have found a store here where you can purchase from. It talks about the practice of mindfulness and how to incorporate it and its benefits. I wanted a book that I could dip in and out of, and this is perfect for me, as I can throw it into my bag and if I start to feel anxious etc, I can bring it out and read a section. You can find a recent blog post I wrote about mindfulness here I love this little book, it has soo much information but speaks in easy language which is a win win in my eyes.

Vitabiotics Wellwoman and Wellman *
These effervescent vitamins were sent to me before Christmas and I was looking forward to trying them. As you all know I suffer with M.E and Christmas time is such a manic time that my health and energy definitely take a dip, and getting vitamins etc is hard when sometimes you don't even feel like eating. I am the one who always takes the cold that's going around and I can bet you it always travels down into my chest. So these vitamins include b6, b12, magnesium, iron, vitamin c along with a whole host of other fab things which all lead to help with fatigue and helping to promote a healthy immune system. Half way through my trial of them, the gorge team at Vitabiotics offered to send some of the men's ones out so hubby was chuffed and looking forward to trying them. He works crazy hours, and with that comes poor eating at times, so I was interested in seeing how they would work with him.
I had 40 days of the tablets and I must admit, I felt like they gave me a little pick me up every morning, and the main thing I have noticed and what led me to purchase them myself was that I have not picked up a serious cold, which at this point in the year I would have normally been floored by at least 1 or 2 colds. The increase in vitamins definitely has helped this. The tablets themselves can be purchased here for £5.35 for 10 days, Boots always have 3 for 2 on loads, so keep an eye out for that. For me it has been worth the money to not have a bad cold. They come in orange and lime and they are lovely and refreshing in the morning. Hubby who never really gets sick was given a 20 day supply and since then he hasn't been taking them, but I am going to get him started again because of his long hours etc, I think they just give the system a boost. He said he thought they were a lovely start to the morning and set him up for the day.
I am not going to say these are going to make you feel amazing, or keep illness away, but I will say I think the added vitamins has without a doubt helped me this winter and I will continue to use them. If you are someone who has a low immune system or gets colds or run down regular I would definitely say try them.

Catrice Volume Mascara
After hearing so much about this mascara, I thought for a few euro I would try it. I found it in Pennys Letterkenny, but you can also buy it here from Inish Pharmacy for 4.49,  There are quite a few versions of this mascara, but I decided to try the volume option, as I have quite long lashes and I love a voluminous look to them. It has a lovely tapered wand and it gets all the little lashes in the corners easily, so you can really get a fantastic look. My lashes after 2 coats are stunning and it easily stands up against some of the higher end competitors. I think the real test of mascara is if someone asks you if you have falsies on, well I popped in to see my friend Clare in work and she asked me had I had the LVL lash lift as my lashes were soo curly, she couldn't believe when I told her the price, I got her one in Letterkenny and now she's in love to! I really do think for a few quid this is a fantastic mascara to try out and will surely be in my bag for a while to come.

Jo Browne Solid Perfumes*
Jo and I had been chatting one night on Snapchat, and she asked could she send me some of her solid perfumes. I had heard loads of fab reviews about these and was chuffed she wanted to send me some. So a few days later the 3 female solid perfumes popped through my door and I couldn't wait to try them. Jo Hand pours these all by herself and they are packaged in a gorgeous bamboo tube. Her passion and love of essential oils led her to produce these and trust me, I wish this laptop had smellavision as they really do smell amazing. At the minute there are 3 female scents available and 2 male colognes available and they can be bought from her here each for 24 euro or from a number of stockists. 

The three female scents are:
Floral Notes... This is perfect for Spring, and has a real pretty, girly scent, with hints of jasmine and orange. In my opinion this is the lightest scent and one I love to wear in this warmer weather.
Sweet Notes... This is a really feminine sweet scent of vanilla with citrus and will be perfect for Summer.
Oriental Notes.. This is a real sexy, gorgeous scent with hints of sandalwood and lemon. I get the most compliments when I wear this one.

The male scents are:
Oriental with notes of musk, vanilla and citrus
Woody with notes of bergamot, lemon, galbanum and jasmine

These last really well throughout the day and I normally will put a couple of dabs behind my ears and on my wrists, I do like a little top up throughout the day but they last great and don't lose their scent. What I really love is how easy they are to throw in my handbag without the worry of it breaking and I will certainly be taking them away on any holidays as they are the perfect travelling partner.

So, that is my 5 items that are taking me through Spring and into Summer this year, let me know what you think of them all. 
In the comments below, let me know your one favourite item for Spring.
Till next time lovelies
Stay safe and keep smiling

Any products gifted to me have been clearly marked, all opinions are my own,


  1. Love this selection, really like the eyeshadow palette and very handy that you can use it for blush too, so good for travelling as you say! K x

    1. Keira it really is a fab palette. The blush and highlight is so pretty for Spring x