Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Magic Wax Melts Review

Hey lovelies, hope you're all doing well today. I am back with a little review of a new local company here in N.Ireland called Magic Wax Melts ran by the fab Samantha, who is the producer and seller of wax melts to get your house smelling gorge and we all know how crazy I am about candles and nice smelling houses!

Now, if you follow me on snapchat you will have probably laughed hysterically a couple of months ago, when I had the issue of a lot of black soot coming off another candle from a very well known brand. I hadn't had any issues before with Yankee Candle and have been using these happily for years, but I was going about my business, chatting on snapchat and heading to bed, so I blew out my candle and the next minute I was claried in soot, I mean all over my mouth, nose and face then on my hand when I wiped my face, yes at the time we all giggled but when I really thought about it, I was a bit concerned, especially as I have Asthma and my hubby has serious dust allergies.

Come say hey on snapchat if you want some more giggles 

So, I started to look at other companies etc, and this is when the lovely Sam got in touch with me. She makes these wax melts and explained to me, that because the flame from the tea light doesn't directly touch the melt it won't give off the soot. She kindly offered to pop some melts and a burner over to me to try them out.
I told her the type of scents I like and she made me a mystery box, which to buy is £10 but has around £15 of melts in it, she included lots of my types of scents, but she also put in some ones I wouldn't have thought of trying. 

Prices range from £1 for a little shot pot up to £4 for the mini wax loaf. Below is a pic of some of the scents available and if you really love a certain scent she will try and source it for you.

So onto the melts themselves, I started out with the little orange coloured Jamaica me Crazy ones which have a gorgeous fruity scent quite fresh and citrusy. I put one into the burner and lit a little 4 hour tea light, It had a lovely subtle scent so I popped a second in and within a few minutes the scent was more intense and lasted well into a second tea light. 

Samantha knew linen and cotton were my favourite scents for my bathroom and I ended up using another burner for the bathroom and put the bar of linen in the burner and have now been burning this going on a couple of weeks for at least 4 hours a day, quite a few days I have went onto a 2nd tea light and the scent is still amazing now.

I was super impressed with the longevity of the melts, and without a doubt for me, who gets bored of scents quite easily, it is a great way to try new scents easily.
The mystery box was filled to the brim and I am not even half way through it, and I have been burning loads. Obviously, the length of burning and strength of scent, will depend on how many melts you use and how long you burn each time but its definitely worth £10 no doubt about it.
I had a few questions when I spoke about these on Snapchat about how I change the melt or clean it out and it's really simple. I let the melt burn down to not much left and then very carefully take some folded up tissue and wipe it out. I have also saw online that you can let the wax go hard, pop it in a freezer then the wax will just pop off, but I haven't tried this, so if you do please be really careful.

The main thing I love is that you can customise your own scent, just pop in two different scents of your liking and you will get a totally customised melt.

Samantha has also just released some soya based melts, and I had the pleasure of trying a couple recently also, the clementine prosecco is the perfect Summer scent!! So fruity but sparkly and fresh.

So, ladies and gents, if you are looking for a new and in my honest opinion safer and more economical way to make your home smell fab definitely consider wax melts.
Samantha can be found here on facebook and below are some other details.

Also keep an eye out for an exclusive competition and discount code on my facebook page coming very soon.

So, overall I really did enjoy these melts and without a doubt will be buying some of the baby powder, fresh linen, jamaica me crazy, monkey farts and clementine prosecco, so if you are anything like me, treat yourself to a mystery box and let Samantha know your fave type of scents.

Pop over to her facebook and say hi and see what other offers she has in store for you all.

Till next time lovelies, stay safe and keep smiling


  1. I must check out her page.Really want to try out clementine prosecco, it sounds amazing. I've been slightly addicted to wax melts at the moment. I had the same problem with soot. I wouldn't want to thing what its doing to my lungs. Great review :)

  2. I also have some lovely scents and they really lift the are and get rid of some rather unwelcome smells that happen in my house. Thanks Samantha.

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