Monday, 30 January 2017

Korean Rice Water Cleansing Foam Review

Hey lovelies, hope you are all doing fab today! I can't believe that January is nearly over and we are heading straight for February. 

Today, I am back with a review of a cleanser that I have been loving since Mr Preener got me it for Christmas. Between you and me I think he must of just googled Korean beauty and this came up but he hit gold for sure. 

This is a lovely cream cleanser from the brand The Face Shop, and you can buy it here. For less than £7 you get 150ml of product which I think is fab value as you really only need the tiniest of amounts for your face. The cleanser itself comes in a tube, You squeeze a little out, lather with some warm water and massage into skin and remove with a warm cloth.
 The rice properties of the cleanser are said to brighten your face giving it a healthy glow, in addition to being moisturising and detoxifying. 
Personally, I wouldn't use this on my eyes, as in all honesty it has quite a scent to it. It's not an unpleasant scent at all, but it's just not something I would use on my eyes. The opalescent tone of the cream is standard when rice properties are included, and on use I would say my skin felt brighter but not for any length of time. 

The main thing I found from this cleanser is that my tzone didn't feel as oily, and when I further looked into the ingredients, the inclusion of myristic acid could be the agent that was helping to dry out my tzone. For me this isn't an issue at all, in fact it was welcomed, but if you had dry skin, I would either say stay clear of this cleanser or try it and make sure you moisturise really well after use.

Overall, I am loving this cleanser, and I will be looking at what else the brand has to offer. Korea is known for their love of skincare and so many companies look to them for inspiration. Honestly, as long as my tzone is oily I will continue to use this, but once it starts to rectify itself on a more permanent basis, I would say I will switch to a different cleanser.

Till next time lovelies, keep smiling
Love Ali


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