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Top 25 Snappers to follow over Christmas

Hey loves, I hope you are all well and truly ready for Christmas and ready to celebrate. Today, I have my top 25 snapchatters that I think you should definitely be following over Christmas and into 2017. I did one of these away at the start of this year and a few have stayed the same but a good few have changed, these are the snappers that I always have to watch for loads of different reasons. So sit back, get a cuppa and discover some new snappers.

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These are in no particular order as it would be way to hard to put them in order!! All their usernames are in the brackets be sure and give them a follow.

Charlene Flanagan Makeup MUA  (charlenefmakeup)
This is a lady who I could watch for hours and I was lucky enough to watch live at the beauty show. The thing that draws me to Charlene is her realness and she is a true lady. She can rock soo many looks but she is just as comfortable lounging in her jammies with her new hubby and doggie in their stunning new home. If you want an MUA who really knows her stuff then this is it.

Lisa from Lisa's Life Style (lis8-85)
Lisa is a blogger and covers a variety of areas including lifestyle and beauty. I followed Lisa for a while before meeting her at a blogging event this year. You know the people you can just click with, well Lisa is one of those girls. She adores fashion and she regularly shows hauls on her snapchat that I lust over. Her snapchat is full of makeup, beauty, food and all fab bits.

Carla from Cosmetically Clueless (cosmeticallyclu)
Carla is a fab blogger who has the inside scoop on everything Pennys/Primark. She has all the details of the latest things to hit the stores and she's a fab one to watch. She does fab snaps on products that she loves and hates and I love the realness in her snaps, she's not afraid to say what she thinks and I love this about her.

Laura Cunningham (cunninghamlaura)
Aww Laura, what a fab girl. Total girl boss in my eyes. Owner of the amazing store Hippenings and yet finds time to be the head lady in Confetti magazine. Laura snaps her day to day life, and the crazy goings on of her cat Mark,  She shows that hard work, peserverance and just a little bit of craziness will take you far in life. 

Diane Everett MUA (dianeeverettmua)
If you don't follow Diane and are a makeup lover, scoot on over quick cause this girl is just outstanding. She's one of the MUA snappers I have been following for quite a while now, and she is really blossoming and become a real force to be reckoned with, I mean who else could pull off purple hair, and purple brows!! Her talent shines through but what is so sweet is her relationship with her wee boy, you can tell everything she does is to better herself for him and its truly heartwarming.

Sue Jordan from Cherry Sue Doin the Do (itscherrysue)
Sue is a blogger who has been on the scene for years, and is one of these ladies who just knows her stuff. Without a doubt one of the top bloggers in the country, she lets us into her life of events, puppy walks and family life. Her snaps are a great mix of everything and I think she's great to watch as she is real and loving and wants the best for everyone.

Karen (blissbakery)
My fab friend Karen! She really is one of lifes good ones. She has a blog called Yankee Doodle Paddy and her Snapchat is one of the most positive inspiring accounts I watch. She is so full of love and wants to spread love, it's truly beautiful to see. When I met her this year, it felt like I had knew her years. If you need a dose of positivity and love add her!

Kate Kelly from Pure Irish Sugar Blog (katekelly1)
Kate is one of those girls who is just a sweetheart. Her snaps are full of laughs, beauty, travel and now with her new job with Benefit, full of that gorgeous brand. I had the pleasure of meeting her at an event and I must admit after following her blog for a good while I was a little overwhelmed as she is always on top of her game. Without a doubt one of those girls who makes fashion fun!!

Laura  (laurasviews)
If you need a laugh head to Lauras snaps. She's a total breath of fresh air, and trust me she doesn't mince her words which is the main reason I adore her. She's not scared to say what we are all thinking and watching her torment Dean (Ian) makes me literally lol She is vegan and she is able to get her points across without being pushy and it really makes you sit up and think about things. She has that perfect mix of beauty and real life issues on her snaps and shes one to watch for sure.

Louise McDonnell MUA (officiallmd)
Louise is an MUA from up here in the north and she has amassed a huge snapchat following with her amazing makeup looks, great personality and all whilst tormenting her poor boyfriend. Her look is super glam and she knows how to rock an insta brow to perfection. She has a great knowledge of the products that she is using, and it's lovely to see someone local doing really well. 

Ellen from Waxperts (waxpertsellen)
Ellen is one half of the amazing Waxperts team who are leading the way for hairless beauties all over the country. You have all heard me rave about their wonderpads, seriously you need them in your life. Her snaps are a mix of everyday life with her hubby Conrad and amazing little boy Cooper. Cooper is just the most adorable little boy and I think I speak for us all when I say we live for every day to hear the Hi errrrbody he does. Ellen is super knowledgeable and she regularly holds waxing Wednesday where you can send in questions. One of those snappers I never miss, if you love shoes you will go nuts for her collection.

Ciara and Jen Matte to Metallic (mattetometallic)
These girls are literally a force to be reckoned with. Their snapchat is a great mix of makeup demos, events, product reviews and everything in between. They are brand ambassadors for Makeup Revolution, and you all know how much I adore this brand, so I watch their snaps religiously. I had the pleasure of meeting the girls at the beauty show last year, and they are soo down to earth. They have been in the indutry years and this really shows in their knowledge.

Sera from The Style Guide Blog (seraemily)
Sera is an amazing blogger, and her snapchat shines with all of this. She has a real sense of love for blogging and loves to chat about all things, beauty, lifestyle and her amazing kiddie. Her snapchat story is a real mix and this is what I love about it. She shows us the latest products and gives us lots of life updates and isn't scared to talk about real subjects which I love. 

Lindsay (mermaidajade)
Where do I start, she has to be one of the funniest girls I have ever came across. I could cry laughing at her snaps, but then on the next snap she will have me crying at the love and and admiration she shows her 2 kids. She does these little skits where she will be 2 people and I swear this girl needs a TV show. Her kids are little dynamites and I love how free she lets them be. She's just a real all round great girl.

Edele from Fabulous Faces by Edele (edele2011)
Edele is another MUA from NI and one of the sweetest girls. The main thing I adore about her work, is that she always does makeup to suit the face and believes every face is different and works with that. She has her own range of lashes and she constantly strives to better herself by travelling the world to train with the best in the business. She loves all things pink and glitter so definitely a girl after my own heart.

James Kavanagh (jamesksnaps)
If you aren't following James, you must be living under a rock. From starting out scaring William his boyfriend which still makes me jump never mind William, to now having his own amazing Artisan food business Currabinny with William. He is the King of Snapchat and needs his own show on TV. From his Princess Diana love to his serious and beautiful chats with his nephew about Autism, James is one you really need to follow.

Sarah from Beauty and the Masseuse (sarahdwan1)
Sarah is a snapper you will adore if you love information, she knows so much about the beauty industry and her snaps are so interesting. I have learnt soo much about skincare and the importance of different areas of skincare. She is one of the most supportive and sweetest girls you will come across  so she is definitely one to give a wee add to.

Mark from Benefit (mark_benefit)
Mark is without a doubt the face of Benefit in Ireland. I could watch him do his brows all day, seriously girls on fleek doesn't cut it!! He has been going through lots of old Benefit classics recently and what I really love about his snaps is you can see the passion for his job soo clearly. He is doing soo well for himself at the minute and he has let us into a side of his side recently that we don't see with a lot of others. He volunteers with an amazing group of kids, and watching the snaps with them and him just showed a beautiful side to him. He is just a beautiful soul in all honesty.

Katrina from K2Hair (katrinak2hair)
Katrina is the brains behind K2Hair and Push Makeup and is one heck of a lady. She has soo much drive and positivity it's truly infectious. She give us snippets of positivity and it really does work. I attended one of their workshops this year and she is totally the same on snap as she is in real life, just a bundle of fun who is pushing to be the best she can be.

Kim from SoSoDempo (kimdempo)
Kim is a blogger that I have been friends with for quite a while now, and was friends with when she took her leap into blogging and watching her grow has been amazing. She is so real and honest and again one of those girls when I met her this year it felt like I knew her years. I could watch her do her makeup all day, she has this great way of explaining things. Her snaps are a great mix of fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

Julie Smith Makeup (julz_smith13)
Julie is another local MUA and wow has this girl got some serious skills. She has to be hands down one of the funniest girls I watch. I adore how she doesn't take herself seriously, and she lets us into her life with her fab hubby! I love the banter between them! Julie is such a genuine girl on her snaps, and she has a great following of girls and guys that love her realness and skills. Her product knowledge is amazing, and she is up to date on the latest looks and products, so one to follow for all things beauty and craic. 

Jennifer Rock aka The Skin Nerd (theskinnerd)
Jennifer is the God of all things skin. This is one lady who is soo passionate about her love of skin that it really doesn't seem like a job to her at all. She is the force behind the Cleanse off Mitt and she is the lady that is pushing Image Skincare to the top. Her snaps are a mix of songs, info, events and all things in between. She is hilarious with her songs that all relate to what shes talking about, but one snap evening sticks out for me. She was talking about women loving themselves and being beautiful and she played a song and you could really see it in her eyes she wants women to feel amazing about themselves. She's a great girl and deserves all the amazing things coming her way.

Jen from Too Dolly MakeUp (toodollymakeup)
Jen is a blogger and MUA that I have been following for ages now, and was able to meet a couple of times this year, and without a doubt she is one of the most talented and down to earth girls you could ever meet. The tutorials she does will blow your mind. She has grown so much this year and I really feel 2017 will be amazing for her.

Sharon Leavy from BEhind Green Eyes Blog (sharonleavy)
Sharon is one of the best bloggers about without a doubt and she has a fantastic snapchat. She has a great mix in her snaps, crafts, beauty, reviews, and tips on budgeting etc. Sharon has become a friend this past year and her warm personality on Snapchat is what pull people in. I love her sessions in Tesco when she snaps all the bargains, but then I want to go and buy all the naughty food she snaps! She does the most amazing crafts with her boys and is definitely one to add.

Niamh from Nima Brush (niamhee82)
Last but by no means least is Niamh the brains and girl boss behind one of Irelands best makeup brush companies. Her little lady Harley appears in her snaps and she is just one of the cutest babies could see. Niamh shows us makeup and her brushes frequently and I love how she explains all the sets and what all can be used for. She's just a real down to earth woman making a name for herself and its great to see.

Well my lovelies, that is my top 25. Some you may know, but I hope you will have found some you didn't know. These snappers all offer different things and I am sure there is something for you in there. Who are your fave snappers, let me know?
Till next time
Ali xxx

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