Monday, 14 November 2016

Sometimes it's ok to step back and take a break!

Hey lovelies, I hope you are all really well today. You're probably thinking who is this girl but I promise I am still around I just had to take a little break for a few weeks.

As you all know I struggle with mental health problems and ill health and to not sugar coat anything, things have been pretty crappy the past few weeks and I just needed some me time.
Sometimes I feel I should always be on the go on social media and let's be honest it really is hard to juggle everything and sometimes the balls gotta drop.

My anxiety has been very bad and I have been working with my therapist to try and so find new ways to work through my triggers and keep a sense of control. The depression hit in a big way and I knew myself that things weren't good. The gp changed my meds but unfortunately the new one I was put on hasn't agreed with me so as of today they are changing it again.

Even as I sit and write this I feel I should always be saying sorry about being soo mia but in reality I shouldn't be apologising, I should actually be happy that I knew when it was time to take a little step back and look after me for a change.

I have really came to realise the past 6 weeks or so just how much of an effect my mental health has on me and everyone around me. I feel a burden to my husband and daddy and for me that's just not good. I have to take a hold of things before they really take a hold on me so hopefully I can get my blog mojo back 😃😃

So I just wanted to let you all know I am still here and I will be blogging more as of today,I just needed that wee break to get my head straight and work on me.

Remember lovelies that it's no bad thing to ask for help or to even take a step away from people and look after you. You need to be well and happy before doing anything for anyone else.

Make sure you come say hi and I promise I won't dissappear again without warning.

Have a fab week lovelies


  1. Ali, kerry here living in Chicago (as I no U no other Kerry's lol) I wanted to say iv always admired you for how you speak out about mental health, as so many try make life be happy go lappy all the time, when we in reality that isn't the case. You take all the time you need and weldone to you on taking the break when you needed it! Have a great week hugss

  2. It's no sign of weakness to take a break, no sign of less effort if you disengage with social media for a while. To the contrary, it's something we - I think - have to do every now and then! Otherwise we'll live more in the digital world than in the real one. Glad you found your chance to take your time and refocus. It's brave to talk about that this openly. You're right, you shouldn't be apologizing. Mental health is as important, if not even more important, than any physical health. It's a disease after all, it has neurophysiological reasons... oh I could go on forever haha. So - keep taking your time whenever in need, and all the best wishes to get well soon!

  3. You were absolutely right to take a step back and look after your mental and physical health because without that, there would be no blog. I hope you have given yourself enough time before you get sucked back into the social media vortex that us bloggers get stuck in. Take care xx