Saturday, 3 September 2016

Top 5 products I have been loving this Summer

Hey lovelies!
Today I am going to let you into the top 5 makeup items I have been loving this Summer. These are the items I see myself reaching for regularly, and I thought I would share them with you.

1.       Makeup Revolution Oil Control Spray
Ladies, let me tell you before this I could go through bottles of the Urban Decay Setting Spray, and we all know it’s not that cheap to be going through it by the bucket load. Since an increase in medication, my skin has went crazy oily again, and my tzone especially my nose will literally have the foundation slide off it. Trust me it’s not a cute look. So when I heard loads of great reports about this spray I knew I had to try it. It’s about a third of the price, coming in at £5. It claims to protect against humidity and protect skin for up to 12 hours.

I was finally able to get it as everywhere seemed to be sold out! So I was heading out on a girls night, and knew this would be a good test for it, hot restaurant and bar equals an oily Alison. So on initial spray the scent was quite strong, with a chemical smell but within seconds it had went and it didn’t linger at all. It dried pretty quickly and gave a nice natural matte but not totally flat finish. It lasted well on the night out, and I only had to powder once so I was super impressed.  I also would use a little sprtiz of this to take away any excess powder and it just brings some life back to the skin.
Some people had complained of the alcohol drying their skin out, but for me personally I have had no issues so far with this. Obviously if this is the case and you want to use it make sure you are hydrating the skin well.
I have used the Urban Decay spray for years, but now this little beauty has entered my life I won’t be turning back!

2.       Lidl BB Cream
Lidl recently updated and upgraded their beauty range, and their BB Cream got a little makeover. I picked it up in the shade light and at less than £2, to be honest I wasn’t expecting much. How wrong was I!!
It has a great added SPF of 15, and is perfect for those days when you don’t want to put a lot on but still want to feel put together. It aims to improve tone of skin, cover blemishes and provide hydration. It has just the right amount of coverage for a no makeup day, but it is also buildable to a light medium coverage. Now what I will say is if you are very pale like me be careful as although the light is very pale it does oxidise through the day and gets a little darker, so just something to bear in mind. The cream itself is super thick and I was worried about how it would blend out, but I needn’t have worried, it blended like a dream with my beauty blender.  So it’s really became a firm favourite this summer.

3.       Mac Blot Pressed Powder
Now this is one I say why have I never discovered you before to! I always thought normal pressed powder would do the job but when I was chatting with the girls in Mac I decided to give this a try.  My Mac Mineralise Skinfinish was doing a grand job, but sometimes I felt it could go very cakey and if I am honest, it didn’t hold the oil at bay. This blot pressed powder is so finely milled I can’t even tell when it’s on my face. This doesn’t give any extra coverage or colour but it really does just finish my makeup off and helps keep the oil at bay. I don’t use the little puff provided, instead I use a blank canvas f20 to press the product into my skin. The product itself has lasted ages and is definitely going to be a repurchase.

4.       Catrice Glamour Doll Mascara
So well all know how much I love a good dramatic lash, and after hearing reviews of this I knew I had to have it! The only way to get Catrice up here is by online ordering or travelling south. Come on catrice please come up North! So one Sunday Mr Preener and I headed to Letterkenny in search of hidden treasure in the form of Catrice!
The mascara itself has a nice small tapered silicone wand, and normally I prefer a bigger wand but I was super impressed with this. I can get right in at the roots and corner lashes. The mascara really gives my lashes a gorgeous curl and although not waterproof the formula lasts well. It removes easily which is always a bonus in my eyes, as you don’t want to be rubbing at your eyes too much. So for only a few euros I am super impressed and again will definitely be a repurchase.

5.       Wet n Wild Coloricon Blush
I was kindly given this product for consideration, and again Wet n Wild is like gold dust up here, so I was very interested to try it. I was gifted the shade Mellow Wine. It’s a nice dusky pink with a very slight hint of peach. For me having quite high cheek colouring I always steer clear of true pinks but this being dusky and used with a light hand was gorgeous.  It is one of the most pigmented blushers I have ever used, and its staying power wowed me. I decided to give this a whirl on my eyes and it gave the prettiest flush of colour to the eyes, remember lovelies never be afraid of using a product for another use!!  The price of this is £3.19 and without a doubt I will be looking into some of the other shades available.

So there we have it my lovelies, my top 5 bits of makeup I have loved this summer. Without a doubt I will be using these well into the Autumn and Winter.

Ali x


  1. I get a desperately oily t zone as well, so I'm taking notes here! I can't believe that Lidl Bb cream is so cheap - for that price I will have to give it a try!

    1. Definitely try it! I honestly wasn't expecting much but was soo impressed xx

  2. I don't wear make-up but enjoyed reading your list. I didn't know Lidle had make-up products too!

  3. These look and sound great products. I've never tried these as I am always on a budget and stick to the same things. I would love to try some as they are good prices :)

  4. I love the Cien brand, so inexpensive but works brilliantly!

  5. As if Lidl sells make up that's actually good! Crazy! I'm a massive fan of Bobbi Brown products but have to be careful as I definitely can't afford to buy much of it!

  6. I've never hear about oil control spray, it's definitely on my wish list.