Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Garnier Moisture Bomb Mask Review

Hey lovelies
So we all know the Korean beauty market has exploded in 2016, and with this lots of brands have brought out sheet masks infused with different serums and potions, all claiming to make us more hydrated, tightened or youthful.

I have tried quite a few different brands of these masks, and I must admit I have been pleasantly surprised by the majority of them.

Garnier have released this mask and claims to give a full week of hydrating serum in one quick easy step. These masks can be used as part of a routine or as a one off when your skin is feeling a little tired or dull. My favourite time to use this one is the night before an event or If I know I am going to have makeup on the next day, as I really believe if your skin is hydratedm, your makeup will go on and stay on a lot better.

This mask is less that £1 and I always stock up when in Boots, always a few at a time. Personally, I use one of these each week, then might add in another one if I need it during the week.

The mask itself, comes in a foil sealed single use pouch and the 1st thing you notice when you bring the mask out is how soaked in the serum it is. I always take whats left in the pouch and put it into a little tub, then massage it into my face the next couple of nights. The hylauronic acid and pomegranate infused mask, has a nice fresh scent and when placed in the fridge prior to use, it had a lovely cooling and very relaxing feeling on my skin. The mask is cut and shaped really well and it fit my face well. 

My skin always feels fab after using one of these, and it's great to see the high street brands bringing these out. You really can't go wrong for £1 and it's definitely worth stocking up when they are on offer. You can find them here or in your local Boots.

Have you ever tried any sheet masks? If you have let me know your thoughts in the comments below

Ali xx


  1. This has become one of my favourite sheet masks! I love that there is LOADS of product but it doesn't dip all over the place.
    Gillian  xx

  2. I have a change of heart about sheet masks. They've improved over the years. This product sounds amazing for winter, thanks!