Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Dinkibelle Nail Wraps Review

Hey lovelies

I hope you are all well today! Today, I decided to do something a little different and do a nail inspired review. Now trust me when I say this, I am no nail artist or expert so when this popped through the door from Dinkibelle Nails I had to have a whirl at it.

So what they are, are nail wraps and they come in loads of styles to suit everyone. From something very subtle to pink, glitter and everything in between. Nadia the company founder kindly sent me a beautiful pack of the Spring Blossom range, a beautiful blue colour with blossoms printed on.
So Dinkibelle was founded by Nadia Theron and her background to the company stems from her having allergic reactions to chemicals in some nail products and this resulting in severe damage to her natural nails. Dinkibelle was born and is founded on the 5 free philosophy:
Free from
Diabetic phthalate
Formaldehyde resin

She wanted her nail wraps to be kind to the nail, but she also wanted her customers to have beautiful and stylish nails.
The nail wraps come in packs of 20 and cost £6.99 available from her site.
I was so intrigued to try these, as my nails are always soft and weak, mainly due to a lot of potent medications I take. So I sat down with a cuppa and movie for a pamper evening to sort my nails out.

Putting the wraps on

Step One
Clean nail with polish remover to remove any excess oils

Step Two
Choose the correct size wrap and remove the clear coating. Now this is where it started to get tricky initially for me. I couldn’t get the coating off without messing up the shape of the wrap the first couple of times, so what I would say is, take it very slowly and carefully, you don’t want the wrap to rip.

Step Three
Take off the backing paper and smooth over the nail. Again the first couple of times, I am not ashamed to shame but mine were a disaster, I literally had nail wraps stuck to each other half on my nail! Again with care and taking it slow I sorted it out.

Step Four
Here you need to file in a downwards motion to take the excess off the wrap. Personally I found it easier to take a small pair of nail scissors and cut the bulk off then file them, it just made the job a little easier.

Step Five
This last step is personal preference and is to add a top coat. It’s not a necessity to add one but to keep the wrap secure and add protection and gloss I feel it’s a good idea.

So overall the application after the first couple of nails was quick and easy. Once you get into a little rhythm of doing it you could have them done in 10 minutes no problem. I on the other hand was there over an hour getting things stuck to every finger!

As far as longevity goes, I got three days from them only unfortunately. It does say they can last up to 14 days depending on factors like natural oils and if you are harsh with them. My hands are always in and out of water, tapping on keyboard etc so I am quite hard on my nails. I would definitely use them again for an event or night out due to the sheer amount of choice and the fact that they aren’t damaging my weak nails.

Have any of you used nail wraps? If you have let me know in the comments below.
Till next time preeners

Ali xxxx

* Thanks to Nadia from Dinkibelle for the pack of nail wraps for consideration, all opinions are my own*

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