Thursday, 23 June 2016

Catrice Smoothing Refiner Primer Review

Hey lovelies, I hope you are well today! Summer is finally (fingers crossed) here and for me that means makeup literally sliding off my face. I have tried many many primers, all claiming different things, but when I heard Catrice had this prime and fine smoothing refiner for pores and fines lines out, and it was getting good reviews, I decided to try it.

First off, if you are in the Uk then you are either gonna have to book a holiday for the South of Ireland or you are going to need to purchase online, more about this later.
So this is their smoothing refiner, an oil free silicone based primer, which claims to make your pores seem more refined and filling out any small fine lines and wrinkles to give a smooth flawless base ready for your foundation.

Packaging and Price
This has a gorgeous high quality jar and feels very sturdy, but, my main concern about this packaging is the hygiene aspect. You are going to be dipping your finger in and out every time you use it, so for me I use a little cotton bud to bring some out. I definitely think that is an area that they could reconsider. The packaging and product is definitely a lot more high end looking than its few pound price tag which is always great in my eyes!

So the primer itself has a very creamy, mousse like texture and you need very little to cover the face. I only use this round my nose and chin normally as this is the area I have the most issues with pores. I will especially concentrate it around my nose and buff it in well either using a stippling brush or my fingers. It has a very blush pink colour which don’t worry, does go transparent when you work it into skin and there is the slightest of scents but nothing to put you off it.

Now, I have an oily tzone with large pores on nose area, so you are probably asking why i would use this type of primer as it doesn’t control oil to any great extent, but this is where I will double prime. If i need a real oil controlled matte and long lasting finish that day, I will normally go in after with something like the Nivea post shave balm over my whole face. Doubling up on my primers for me, actually acts as a barrier for the Catrice one to help it stick, especially on my nose.

So the big question is does it actually work? Well to smooth pores, yes without a doubt, but in terms of lines and wrinkles I think this is just a claim too far, as I had no difference in my lines etc. On the days where I have tried it on its own it has definitely worked well round nose, but I do think it works best for me in conjunction with something  else.
I do think its a great primer to help give a good smooth blank canvas, but if you are super oily, I would either use something alongside it, or stay clear and try something else. It does give a lovely hydrated feeling to the skin, so makeup lovers with drier skin this could definitely be one for you to try.

This picture was after a full day of being out and about, and I only had the catrice primer on to give me a good test on it, and it definitely held up well. I would say there was a little too much shine for my liking on the tzone but nothing a little powder couldn't work with. 

Overall I will no doubt repurchase this, especially for the amount of product and the price you pay, but as I said earlier its very hard to get here but with the likes of Meaghers pharmacy here, Inish Pharmacy here and here shipping it makes these brands far more accessible.
So all in all a great little find from Catrice, and I will definitely be looking more at their other primers.

Have you tried anything from that range, or would you have a good mattifying one to suggest I try?
Till next time preeners

Ali xxx

*This primer was bought by me, and all opinions are my own*


  1. In the container it looks very heavy on for the skin, very creamy? I like the Prime and Fine in the white tube. Use it most days.

    1. It is very creamy Claire indeed. I actually bought that one at the same time must give it a whirl xxx

  2. I think this will really suit my skin as I've large pores so I'm definitely going to pick it up X

    1. Yeah definitely do hun! Let me know how you get on x

  3. I agree on all the things that you have said base on how it looks. I think this is really something worth checking out.