Monday, 2 May 2016

Major Love Monday featuring Marissa Carter

Hey lovelies,so I am sure you have noticed a change to the blog. I felt it was time to shake the design up and I hope you like it. Please let me know if you do.

So onto todays Major love Monday lady and if you haven't heard of this lady where have you been hiding the past few years.

Marissa Carter has taken the beauty world by storm and she is undoubtedly the Queen of tanning.

Marissa worked full time and did night classes as The Galligan,she went onto teach beauty therapy before opening her own salon Carter Beauty in 2006. Marissa soon realised that tanning was the way forward and it was when she was pregnant she felt it was time to introduce a better developing and smelling tan to the market.

Cocoa Brown was born and has grew phenomenally the past few years. From tan to exfoliator Cocoa Brown have you covered. We could sit here all day and talk about the awards and accolades but what really drew me to include Marissa in this series is how much she supports everyone from the small blogger to the biggest business women we have. Marissa has the type of personality that strives to push people and make them the best they can be. She shares so much knowledge with her Snapchat viewers and her daily night time inspirational quotes really do spur me on.

Marissa is the original #girlboss and without her Snapchat and the tanning world would be a very boring place.
You can follow marissa on Snapchat at cartermarissa

So that's another Major Love Monday done,who do you think should be next week's?

Have a fantastic weekend lovelies
Ali xx

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  1. lovely post Alison! I love Marissa too so this was a very deserving post x Louise from