Friday, 20 May 2016

Eleni Skincare Facial at Serenity Nails and Beauty

Hey lovelies, I hope you are well today. I had the pleasure of going for a gorgeous facial in Serenity Nails & Beauty on the Newtonards Road on Belfast a couple of weeks ago. I was invited by ELENI to try one of their facials, and in all honesty as you all know I battle with my skin constantly due to medication, so this was very much welcomed.

I had my appointment booked in and when I arrived I was greeted promptly by Katelyn and was given a lovely tour of the salon, which is one of the prettiest and brightest salons I have ever been in. The salon is located up a steep flight of stairs so would not be suitable for disabled people and with my leg and back issues I really struggled up them, The salon itself is deceptively large and airy and all decorated very girly but classic.

Katelyn went to prepare the room and left me to have a look around the rooms, I am sure you will agree it is super pretty and perfect for a wee treat.

The facial room itself was beautifully lit and gave a gorgeous atmosphere. Katelyn told me to get comfy and she placed the cosiest blanket over me, I instantly felt relaxed.

She said that she would be doing a busy life facial, which I was told was for people who were busy but wanted to give their skin a treat.  I will admit the only thing she asked was if i had dry or oily skin, personally I would have liked a facial more tailored to my skin type and maybe the issues I was having. She discussed it would consist of cleansing the skin, exfoliating and hydrating the skin.

She started by telling me she would be removing the makeup on my face by using a double cleanse. The cleanser had a beautiful citrus scent and it melted any makeup off very easily. Katelyn used a cloth to remove the product and she was very gentle making sure not to irritate my skin. 

Katelyn then proceeded to put a lovely even skin tone mask on and whilst it was working its magic I had a lovely hand and arm massage. I honestly do think a hand massage is the most relaxing thing ever, so I was feeling super relaxed at this stage.
The mask was then taken off and patted dry. Katelyn then proceeded to place a reconstruction serum on my face and my skin felt lovely and smooth.

This was the end of the facial and Katelyn left me to get dressed and she got me a glass of water to rehydrate with. 
She kindly gave me a little sample of the cleanser and the serum which I have since used and the serum really is lovely.

So on the whole I really enjoyed the facial and I definitely think I will be looking into the product range further, as I feel there would be other items I would like to try. 
Unfortunately for me I would have liked more analysis of what my skin needed etc as when I looked into the other facials on offer I do feel something else would have been more suited to my skin problems. Facials range in price from £25 to £55 The product range itself is all beautifully packaged, and they all smelt fantastic, really clean and fresh. The product range is available to buy in the salon, and is beautifully presented in a cabinet in reception so you can browse whilst you wait.

I am sure you will all agree how pretty the salon is, and if I was ever up in Belfast and fancied a treat, I would definitely book in with Katelyn again and maybe try another facial in the range.

If you want to check out Serenity, you can catch them at their Facebook and you can also check out Eleni Skincare at their website

Thanks to Emma at Eleni for offering this facial to me. This is not a sponsored post although the facial was gifted to me, all opinions are my own.

Until next time lovelies stay safe
Ali xxx

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