Friday, 20 May 2016

Eleni Skincare Facial at Serenity Nails and Beauty

Hey lovelies, I hope you are well today. I had the pleasure of going for a gorgeous facial in Serenity Nails & Beauty on the Newtonards Road on Belfast a couple of weeks ago. I was invited by ELENI to try one of their facials, and in all honesty as you all know I battle with my skin constantly due to medication, so this was very much welcomed.

I had my appointment booked in and when I arrived I was greeted promptly by Katelyn and was given a lovely tour of the salon, which is one of the prettiest and brightest salons I have ever been in. The salon is located up a steep flight of stairs so would not be suitable for disabled people and with my leg and back issues I really struggled up them, The salon itself is deceptively large and airy and all decorated very girly but classic.

Katelyn went to prepare the room and left me to have a look around the rooms, I am sure you will agree it is super pretty and perfect for a wee treat.

The facial room itself was beautifully lit and gave a gorgeous atmosphere. Katelyn told me to get comfy and she placed the cosiest blanket over me, I instantly felt relaxed.

She said that she would be doing a busy life facial, which I was told was for people who were busy but wanted to give their skin a treat.  I will admit the only thing she asked was if i had dry or oily skin, personally I would have liked a facial more tailored to my skin type and maybe the issues I was having. She discussed it would consist of cleansing the skin, exfoliating and hydrating the skin.

She started by telling me she would be removing the makeup on my face by using a double cleanse. The cleanser had a beautiful citrus scent and it melted any makeup off very easily. Katelyn used a cloth to remove the product and she was very gentle making sure not to irritate my skin. 

Katelyn then proceeded to put a lovely even skin tone mask on and whilst it was working its magic I had a lovely hand and arm massage. I honestly do think a hand massage is the most relaxing thing ever, so I was feeling super relaxed at this stage.
The mask was then taken off and patted dry. Katelyn then proceeded to place a reconstruction serum on my face and my skin felt lovely and smooth.

This was the end of the facial and Katelyn left me to get dressed and she got me a glass of water to rehydrate with. 
She kindly gave me a little sample of the cleanser and the serum which I have since used and the serum really is lovely.

So on the whole I really enjoyed the facial and I definitely think I will be looking into the product range further, as I feel there would be other items I would like to try. 
Unfortunately for me I would have liked more analysis of what my skin needed etc as when I looked into the other facials on offer I do feel something else would have been more suited to my skin problems. Facials range in price from £25 to £55 The product range itself is all beautifully packaged, and they all smelt fantastic, really clean and fresh. The product range is available to buy in the salon, and is beautifully presented in a cabinet in reception so you can browse whilst you wait.

I am sure you will all agree how pretty the salon is, and if I was ever up in Belfast and fancied a treat, I would definitely book in with Katelyn again and maybe try another facial in the range.

If you want to check out Serenity, you can catch them at their Facebook and you can also check out Eleni Skincare at their website

Thanks to Emma at Eleni for offering this facial to me. This is not a sponsored post although the facial was gifted to me, all opinions are my own.

Until next time lovelies stay safe
Ali xxx

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Fathers Day Launch with Lush Belfast

Hey lovelies, I hope you are all well today.
I was kindly invited by the fab team at Lush, to go along to their Belfast store, to preview their new 2016 Fathers Day launch which is available online now and in store. This was a great opportunity to see all my lovely blogging ladies and gents and to get a sneak peek at the upcoming range.

After a giggle filled car journey to Belfast, myself Victoria from Dotty Diamond and Sera from The Style Guide Blog, met up with Bex from Faeriwood and Tj from Ginger Snaps Vintage Gillian from Eyeliner Flicks and headed over to the store, where we were greeted by the fab Nuala, India, Jake, Gerard and Dan who were soo sweet and lovely and made us all feel at home instantly!
It was also lovely to meet Ian from Rogues + Brogues, Ruth from Willow Lane and Rachel from Kyvbey. Kaya from Toxic Tears, her partner Jake from Metal Ass Gamingand Rory from Worried Bubble were also there.

So we all started out having a good old natter with some bubbly and nibbles, and of course selfies with the professional lighting!, then settled down to get a great demo on some of Lushs best products, including Rub Rub Scrub, Charity Pot lotion, Silky Underwear Dusting Powder and Shimmy Shimmy which I swear I can still see shimmers of and  by the end of it I couldn't tell who smelt of what but in a great way!! The team were fantastic about getting the balance of giving great information, but making it fun and entertaining, and we all felt at ease.

After this we made our own Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser, now that was fun! This was one of the skincare range that I had never tried, mainly due to my dislike of lavender but the ground almonds in this cleanser actually cut the smell of lavender to the point I actually quite like it. It was great to see how simple and few products it takes to make this, just another reason to love Lush. We got to pot up the cleanser and take it home! 

After this, we had a little break and we were all so curious to see the new range! We weren't disappointed, the new Fathers Day range is fantastic, and has something to suit the man in your life.

So the Lava Lamp Bath Bomb is full of orange oils and little purple orbs of cocoa butter, it was so so stunning and the smell filled the room.
Smugglers Soul Facial Scrub has to be the finest exfoliator I have ever tried. The bamboo granules are so fine and the woody sandalwood smell is heaven.
Smugglers Soul Multipurpose Balm is a great wee all rounder, again with the sandalwood scent and incorporating Argan Oil makes it a winner for everyone.
Modfather Bubble Bar is full of citrus oils again and will ensure you feel fab after your bath.
Thanks Dad Soap is like a little square of Jaffa Cake, and the imprint of the letters just adds to the cuteness.
Superdad Bath Bomb has to be the stand out of the range! Its a slow fizzer and we all were mesmerised when they demoed it.

They also have gift sets available indluding Papa Bear Gift set, Walk on the Wild Side set and Super Dad set. There really is something for everyone in this range, 

We really did have an amazing night, and it's wonderful to see a team of staff who are all so enthusiastic about the products but also the company and the ethics they hold. 

We were generously gifted some stunning products and of course I bought some of the Rub Rub scrub, I swear the stuff is magical! 

It was wonderful to see some familiar faces, but to also meet some bloggers that I have been following for ages.

This was Lush in Belfasts 1st event, and they have really set the bar high. Thanks to the team at Lush for allowing me the privilege to have a sneak preview of what is sure to be another successful launch.

Until next time lovelies
Take care

Friday, 13 May 2016

Seventeen Brows That Eyebrow Kit Review

Hey lovelies, hope you are having an absolutely fantastic day!! I can't get over the weather here in NI at the minute, and as you know with the heat comes makeup sliding off our faces, well fear no more cause I may have found the eyebrow product for you, to keep them #onfleek (okay seriously how can anyone be cool saying that) all day long.

Thanks to the wonderful team at Seventeen I was gifted this lovely Brows That Kit. I really do think it is a brand that can sometimes be overlooked and really when you look at their products you really can find some gems, this being one of them.

I will give you a little background to my brows, you know the way they say they should be sisters not twins, ladies mine aren't even long lost cousins, and I am always looking for a product to give me that perfect shape. I have very sparse brows and my left one is very short with basically no tail. Before this little beauty landed at my door I have been using a brow gel, now don't get me wrong its lovely but for me and everyday something a bit lighter and more natural is my preference.

This kit comes in a gorgeous sleek black package and includes, a mini brush, an eyebrow pencil in a chocolate brown shade, a powder in a chocolate shade, a wax in a dark brown and a lovely champagne highlight shade. Also included is a fantastic application guide and the kit has a great sized mirror.

The shades themselves are quite cool toned which personally I prefer as I feel a warm brow doesn't suit my colouring. You get a really good amount of each product for the price of £5.99 on Boots they also have a 3 for 2 offer on at the minute, so treat yourself!

So the kit instructs you to use the pencil first to fill in any sparse areas, followed by the wax then the powder to set everything, and finishing off with the highlight. The pencil was easy to use and it had a nice mixture of being soft enough to place product on the brow but hard enough to not be waxy. I filled in my brows and gave them a nice natural shape, and I was happy already. Next I used the little brush and very lightly placed some wax over the brow. My brows have little hairs that stick up and for the life of me it is so hard to get them to lay flat, but this wax is fantastic. I set it all with a little of the powder to finish it off and I must admit, I have been really impressed.

The only negative I have with the kit, is the little brush, personally I like a hard angled brush and I have been using this type of brush with it, and I can't fault it. I have been able to get a really nice natural look and topping it off with the little highlight colour on the brow bone just sets it off nicely. You could get a far stronger look with this product, but for me at the moment this is perfect for everyday for me, when I just want my brows to look groomed. 

I have tried other high street and higher end brands of brow kits, and without a doubt for the price and product you are getting here, you are getting a seriously fantastic bargain and product.
Since receiving the product I see me reaching for this over a lot of my other products which for me says a lot!

Thanks again to Seventeen and Boots for the product. This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own.

If you have tried this, let me know, I would love to hear your thoughts on it.

Till next time preeners
Ali xxx


Saturday, 7 May 2016

Coleraine Specsavers Store Review and lovely new glasses

Hey lovelies, I am back today, with something a little different. I was contacted by the lovely team at Specsavers to see if I would like to take part in a store review. My local Coleraine store, is where I have been going for a number of years now, so I was thrilled to be involved. The team sent a very generous voucher out which I could use for eyewear and testing etc.

With Specsavers you can book online or by phone and I decided to call up to see when they could take me. The lovely Sinead told me they had appointments the next day so we made an appointment that suited me, and the next day off I popped into town.
Specsavers Coleraine is a gorgeous large and airy store, which is lovely and bright and you are quickly greeted. Megan came and spoke to me, and took some details. They are using Ipads now for this, and this was just the start of the up to the minute technology!
They were aware that I was snapchatting the day and Stephen the Customer Service Manager kindly gave me the wifi code as the network wasn’t great, and we all know how temperamental snapchat can be.

I waited in a lovely bright area for Sinead to come to take me to do my clinical assessment. This included lots of explanation as to what she was going to do and what it allowed them to see. She used a non contact tonometer to blow some puffs of air into my eyes to test the pressure inside the eye. She then took a measurement from an auto refractor which gives out an approximate prescription.


Monday, 2 May 2016

Major Love Monday featuring Marissa Carter

Hey lovelies,so I am sure you have noticed a change to the blog. I felt it was time to shake the design up and I hope you like it. Please let me know if you do.

So onto todays Major love Monday lady and if you haven't heard of this lady where have you been hiding the past few years.

Marissa Carter has taken the beauty world by storm and she is undoubtedly the Queen of tanning.

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