Friday, 29 April 2016

Masterclass with k2 Hair and Push Makeup

Hey lovelies, I hope you are all well! I am back today to tell you all about a great day out I had with the team from K2 Hair and Push Makeup.

The team were holding a masterclass and I knew I had to be there! They are so creative and even though I am not a hairdresser or MUA I knew there would be loads to learn, not to mmention lots to buy from the amazing Joico range and their own makeup brand Push. I already had a few bits of Push and trust me you need them in your life!
So I got in contact with Victoria from Dotty Diamond and we decided to travel together to the gorgeous Jacksons Hotel in Ballybofey. We had crazy laughs on the way down and for the 1st time meeting Victoria I swear we knew each other years! 

So we arrived early and after a rendition of Sias Chandelier (if you ever have been in Jacksons you will know what I mean) we ascended the Titanic style swirling staircase and were greeted by the team! 

We all went in and took our places and of course everyone scrambled for their goodie bags while we waited on the class to start. I am sure you can tell from the picture everyone was super impressed. This has to be one of the best if not the best goodie bag from any event I have been to.

We were all eagerly awaiting the class to start and out comes Glenn to tell us all about the day. As I said to Katrina he is a total asset to the company. He kept us all well informed and was really good at keeping the conversation etc flowing. 

Katrina started her first look by doing this amazing celtic braid on her model with some waves and if you see this type of braid you would swear it took hours, but Katrina made it look so easy, thats whay I love aout these types of events you can see up close how someone is doing something and you are able to take notes. Obviously she finished off the look with the famous Joico Hair Shake and the difference this syuff makes is unreal! 

Karen was the MUA for the day, and this was her first time doing the demo and she was so nervous. If you didnt know it was her first time you would have thought she had been doing it years, she was so informative and she answered any questions brilliantly. Karen done a gorgeous spotlight eye as her focus and we got info sheets to take away with us to help us recreate the look. Again Karen made it look so easy!

Katrina did a gorgeous look on her model using the Bonnie eyeshadow and it just made me know I needed it in my life for sure!

We were encouraged to ask questions and Pennys had generously gave spot prizes of 50euro vouchers and people who asked questions were able to win these. I am not the sort of person to shout over people etc and when Glenn saw that I had been trying to ask a question he came over to me and told me he would get Katrinas attention, which he did then proceeded to give me one of the vouchers, eeek I was chuffed!! Again another reason as to how vital he is to the team and the workshops.

We then had a wee break for lunch, and the team very generously gave us sandwiches and prosecco how glam!! We had a chance to meet the team at this stage and finally after months of chatting with Katrina I finally met her! She is one of the sweetest, funniest girls I could have met. She just loves to chat and help people and what that girl can do with hair and makeup is unreal.

In the break we had a chance to shop till we dropped, with lots of Joico products and push makeup there. I currently use the Joico shampoo for toning hair and I highly recommend it. I bought the Hair Shake and I must admit it is fab! The volume I get on my curls now is insane! This was 25 Euro and will last ages. Onto push makeup and my eyes lit up, there she was Bonnie the eyeshadow! I knew I had to have her! I also wanted the White Diamond Highlighter but unfortunately it was out of stock, but the team were offering anyone who ordered on the day the chance to have it shipped for free, which again is fantastic customer service!

After lunch we went back into the gorgeous room, and the team set up for the next looks. Katrina did a stunning beachy look on her model then followed on with a gorgeous up do that again looked so simple but really had the wow factor. She finished the demo off with a gorgeous vintage wave.

Karen did a gorgeous eye look again using the black caviar gel pencil and using just a few steps made it into a glam smoky eye! 

We learned so many tips and tricks and the girls and Glenn had some great advice, Snippets of gold included:
Its important to change hands whilst styling hair to get used to using both hands- Katrina
Always document progress, as its motivational and good for clients to see- Karen
Practice, practice, practice and get social media involved- Glen and Katrina
Use small baby steps, using a light hand on eyes- Karen
You don't have to follow the rules!- Katrina

I honestly do believe this is a company and a team that are going places. They have a unique way of interacting and making everyone feel they are involved. The Push products themselves are amazing and Katrina is so passionate about them. Darcy her little girl was the driving force behind the brand and she believes in having 
"The push to try something different"

Overall, I had an amazing day with Victoria and all the team, since the day I have tried being more creative and getting to grips with more techniques.
Everyone should attend one of these classes if you get the chance.

Hope you enjoyed that wee post on my fab day out. Till next time preeners, keep smiling
Ali xxx

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  1. Looks like a fab day was had

  2. This looks like such a fab day! Amazing read :) xx

    1. Thanks Emma. I really recommend going to one of these if you can

    2. Thanks Emma. I really recommend going to one of these if you can