Monday, 11 April 2016

Major Love Monday featuring Louise McDonnell from LMD Salon

Hey my lovelies, today I am back with another Major Love Monday, I am loving how well this series has been received. I think sharing all this positivity is great for us all don't you think! 
So todays lady in line is the fabulous Louise McDonnell from LMD in Portglenone here in NI. I hope you enjoy todays instalment let me know in the comments below.

Louise has her own salon that specialises in Hair and Makeup in Portglenone but ladies don't fret she is opening one very soon in Magherafelt so keep an eye on my social media at the end of the month and I will let you all know any further details. Louise has a team of amazing stylists who all have great craic in the salon but are so professional its a great balance they have. (you need to check out officialLMD snaps for the after work madness, trust me a night out with those girls looks crazy)

Louise opened her own beauty salon at the age of 18 and everyone would always come in for makeup and this is where it all started for her. She remembers from the age of 3 getting makeup from the toy catalogues at Christmas so it definitely was fate for her.

The salon itself has had the pleasure of doing many high profiled celebrity clients over the years and this just proves they are a force to be reckoned with here in NI. They have a very unique glam style and every woman that walks out of that salon looks a million dollars. 

OfficialLMD are one of the snap accounts that I will religuously watch for the banter, styles makeup and stunning hair designs! I really need Louise and her team to just come and live here and be my glam squad every day! but the main reason for watching the account is Louise. Her great tutorials and information on everything from skincare to the best foundation for your skin type are informative yet very light hearted. The flip side of Louise is that you see her go on days out to MAC with her fella and have such a laugh with him and her sisters, it really is a lovely mix on Snapchat. Louise herself lives and breathes makeup and you can tell at times she can be unsure of herself on Snapchat which is actually very endearing, she is always saying excuse how i look or when she was told she should join snapchat as people thought she would be great in front of the camera she wasnt sure, but trust me she is a natural.

Makeup is a hobby to her and this is easy to see as she is so passionate about everything she does which in her industry is a rare thing these days. She is a woman who wants to make others feel beautiful and amazing with the skills she has gained over the years, and that to me is an amazing trait to have. I adore her relationship with her boyfriend and family and its clear to see she is just a very sweet hard working girl who will stop at nothing to reach her goals.

Her hard work is certainly paying off as the salon has their own range of brushes and products available to purchase, and let's be honest we all need need more makeup and brushes in our lives, and she is bringing out her own line of lashes very soon.

Louise and her team including Michaela her sister travel nationwide and internationally for weddings and special occasions and again this just shows how highly skilled her team are and how well they are regarded in their chosen field.

You should definitely check out all of their social media below and you could spend hours flicking through instagram and facebook at their stunning makeovers. I wish Louise, her team and LMD Salon nothing but the best for the future and I know there are big things to come from them. 

Snapchat    OfficialLMD

I hope you have enjoyed another major Love Monday come say hi on  my social media and let me know what you think!

Lots of love for now preeners
Ali xx


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