Thursday, 31 March 2016

Works With Water Beautify Skin Supplements Review

Hi lovelies, I hope you are really well today. I am back with a review of some skincare supplements from the lovely ladies at Works With Water. When they got in touch to see if I would like to be sent them for consideration and I was happy to help as lets be honest who doesn't love a chance for clearer skin. 

When we discussed my skin type and what I would like out of the supplements we decided that I should try the beautify skin range which aims to give a nourished and radiant complexion.

Works with Water do a range of supplements, including a range to help clear problematic skin and also a range for men. They are based in the UK and produce 100% natural supplements for the skin to enhance your skin from within.

I decided to try the beautify skin range, and these are a ready to eat apple flavoured jelly supplement that comes in a very handy one portion sealed packet which makes them great for throwing in your bag on the go. 14 sachets come in one box and they retail at £22.94 from their site.  You can either have one or two sachets a day. I decided to try 1 a day as I felt I really needed to give the product a month to see if it was going to have any effect on my skin. The product itself is an apple flavour and you can keep them in the fridge. This is something I would highly recommend as honestly I wasn't good with the taste of them at room temperature. The consistency felt a little better when they were chilled. The formula includes marine collagen, PravenAGE, Aloe Vera and Q10 to help nourish from the inside.


So my skin isn't overly bad at all, but it is highly coloured and pretty bumpy around forehead. I had started using a new moisturiser about 2 weeks before these supplements also so this has to be taken into consideration.

This picture was taken when I started the supplements. I used the supplements for 28 days and afterwards I could notice a difference in the feel of my skin. It didn't look any better if I am honest, but what I did notice is that my makeup sat better and it wasn't as dry. Obviously I was using the moisturiser for 2 weeks prior and I am still using this moisturiser now, so I cant say for sure if it is one or the other or a mixture of the cream and supplements.

Overall I would say that unfortunately I wouldn't use them again, and this is purely down to the consistency and taste. It was very strong and I wasn't a fan, but if there were other options available I would seriously consider them. In terms of price they are expensive in comparison to some other skin supplements out there, but if they were amazing then I would pay the money no problem. If you can deal with the consistency and taste then I would say if you have the money to try them go for it!

If any of you have tried these or anything like these let me know in the comments below.

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Thanks to Works with Water for kindly gifting me 2 boxes of the supplements, this is not a sponsored post and the opinions discussed are fully my own.


  1. No matter the results I don't think I could take supplements if I didn't like the taste. Great review.

  2. No matter the results I don't think I could take supplements if I didn't like the taste. Great review.