Monday, 21 March 2016

Major Love Monday feat Sharon from Behind Green Eyes

Hi my lovelies and welcome to a new series of posts! Each Monday I am going to post here highlighting a woman. She might be a blogger, MUA, business woman or maybe a snapchatter I love. The main aim of this is to encourage and empower women, we should be pulling each other up not dragging each other down! Positivity is key in life and I am trying hard to live by this now.

So the first Major Love Monday lady is Sharon Leavy a blogger over at Behind Green Eyes. I have chosen Sharon this week as she was one of the first people I followed on Snapchat, and fell in love with her blog.

Sharon comes from ROI and has 3 kiddies, her twins are adorable and you need to watch her snaps to see them robbing her food, it literally brightens up my day! She just has this presence that I love and makes her so relatable. She blogs about beauty, crafts, recipes and lots in between. She's on this amazing journey with Slimming World at the moment and she is doing so well, her planning skills puts me to shame!

I have never met Sharon in "real life" but  I know I will definitely meet her this year. She is so kind and sent gifts up for us at Christmas, and what really touched me was the fact she bought my dad a hat to wear after his operation. She had no need to do this but she has such a kind heart.

She writes with such passion and ease and she has an amazing way with words, which I think comes from her love of reading. I am not a great reader and after being diagnosed with dyslexia at university, reading doesn't come easily to me, but hearing Sharon talking about some of her books inspired me to get some books, and for the first time in a long time I am enjoying reading.

Sharon is just herself and that's what draws her readers and followers in everyday. From Day 1 of following her, she has been the same and I honestly think she could be the friend you could sit and drink tea with and put the world to rights.

Go follow Sharon on all of her links below
Snapchat:  sharonleavy

So I hope you all enjoyed that Major Love Monday, please let me know who you think should be part of it and come say hi on my social media

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  1. You made me cry! Thank you so much for this, it's so thoughtful and lovely. Thank you xxx

  2. A fab idea. Well done for being so supportive to womankind.

    1. Aww thanks, I really believe we should be supporting each other xx

  3. Love this new series so much Alison! You're amazing for doing it. Sharon is a beautiful lady to have for your 1st MLM! xoxo