Saturday, 27 February 2016

My Top 20 Snapchatters

Hi lovelies, I hope you are all well. I am obsessed with Snapchat like most of the country and today I wanted to tell you all my Top 20 Snapchatters, now these aren't in order of loving but they are the main people that I always have to catch up on for many reasons.
I have included bloggers, hair and makeup artists and just general fab people!! 

I have added the names so you can add them all and say hi

Enjoy my list and I hope you all come and add me alison2603 to see the goings on of daily life, beauty, and all things passionsandpreening.

1. jameskava  James Kavanagh
This guy is just too hilarious and will literally make you cry laughing. His antics with his boyfriend William and his friends are fab and he definitley makes your day a little brighter

2. lbmakeup
This girl is a recent add of mine, she is 16 and still in school and the way she does makeup is unreal. She makes it all look soo easy, ,she's for sure one to keep an eye on.

3. sparklingbitch   Nicola from Buff and Blend
This girl is just #goals she is a mummy, business woman and successful MUA. Her company Buff and Blend do the most stunning lashes and cruelty free brushes, which look amazing. Need to purchase a few for sure. She keeps it very real on snapchat and I think that is one of the things that people love about her the most.

4. Itscherrysue     Sue from Cherry Sue doin the Do blog
This lady is one of the most knowledgeable and down to earth people you could ever know. She has made an amazing career out of blogging and supporting and teaching other bloggers. She's totally a cheerleader for everyone and genuinely nice!

5. kimdempo   Kim from SoSodempo
Kim is a snapchat queen and one thing that shines through her snaps is her kindness, she wants to help everyone and she is so passionate about beauty and to see her new blog blossom is wonderful.

6. beauty_boudoir
EEEk this girls talent is out of this world, she makes liquid eyeliner look like a walk in the park, i could watch her do eyeliner all day. She's a real genuine girl and she would be a great add to your friends list

7. laudempmakeup  Laura Dempsey MUA
Now if you don't have Laura on Snapchat where have you been??? Again she is a real talent, and does amazing tutorials that she makes look like a piece of cake but if I tried them, things would look a whole heap different!!

8. chasingrubychat   Erin from Chasing Ruby Chat
Erin is one of the best bloggers and youtubers I have came across in a long time. She has an infectious smile that you cant help feeling happy when you watch her videos etc. She snaps about lots of areas and this is one of the reasons she is definitely one to watch

9. seraemily The Style Guide Blog
Sera is another blogger who is very knowledgeable in her snaps etc. She is a great girl and a girl that gives true and great advice

10. katrinak2hair  Katrina Kelly K2 hair and Push Makeup
This girl is like wonder woman with a hairdryer and makeup brush. She has 2 adorable kiddies and is planning her wedding along with launching a wonderful new business. You all need to go follow her to hear the craic, plus if you are on the lookout for a new eyebrow gel, go order hers I promise you wont be disappointed!!

11. charlenefmakeup Charlene Flannagan Makeup
Charlene is one of the best make up artists I have came across, and her dog Ella is too adorable for words. She does wonderful tutorials and she has a very good way of explaining things to make you actually feel that you could achieve what she does.

12. thebeauttruth  Sinead from The Beautiful Truth Blog
Sinead is one of the chief enablers of purchases in my eyes, she talks about something and I instantly think well if Sinead likes it, it must be good, She is one of Irelands best known and respected bloggers and all this shines through in her snaps

13. toodollymakeup
Jen is a blogger and MUA who is going places!! She is one of the sweetest girls you could chat to, and the tutorials and reviews are amazing. Again she makes you feel like you could achieve the flawless looks she does but lets be honest there is only one toodollymakeup

14. jennydonohoe283  Jennifer from Matte 2 Metallic
Jen is one half of the amazing Matte 2 Metallic. She believes in enhancing your beauty and not putting a mask on and this is such a powerful message to give. The Matte 2 Metallic team have a hugely successful studio where they train students and they also run a wonderful MUA business.

15. cuddlencontour  Lisa from Cuddles and Contouring Blog
Again superwoman comes to mind, 2 babies and still has time to look crazy glam!! Lisa has the most stunning eyes and creates amazing looks on her Snapchat which have to be seen!

16. sharonleavy  Sharon from Behind Green Eyes Blog
This lady would put you to shame!! She is always super prepared making her gorge wee boys healthy snacks and prepping her fruit boxes. She talks about loads on Snapchat, slimming world, lifestyle and beauty. She is one of the most down to earth people you could come across and i adore that she says it how it is.

17. skinnydoll  The Skinny Doll Blog
Now if you need inspiration head to this ladies snapchat, she has lost stones upon stones and she inspires people everyday to be the best version of themselves they can be. She has personally been so kind to me and she just radiates kindness.

18.lipstickglitz  Lipstick Glitter and Me Blog
Again another amazing girl whose makeup skills are out of this world. She has a great attention to detail and this clearly shines through in her work.

19. Battlemum  Battlemum Blog
Catherine is a great blogger, who writes about parenting and lifestyle. Her snaps include her gorge and funny little boy and she just has this warmth in her that makes you feel like she's an old friend.

20.paddyysmyth   paddy Smyth
Aww last but not least is Paddy, not a day goes by where I don't cry laughing, between his love of Tyra and his singing and Brian he is pure sunshine, but on a serious note Paddy wants to be an advocate for disabled people and this man will make people listen!!

So there you have it my 20 top Snapchatters, I hope you all go over and follow them and say hi. Until next time lovelies

Ali xxx

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