Thursday, 11 February 2016


So Valentines Day has creeped up on you and you haven’t a gift for your other half. In our house we don’t give big lavish gifts on this holiday as we just treat each other with little tokens of love as honestly you don’t need one specific day to tell someone you love them.

Over the past few years we have been doing more DIY gifts and i love these both to give and receive as I feel you can be far more personal with them, so this is just a few of my ideas to maybe try.    


Date night ideas in a pretty jar
This is something hubby and I try and stick to but with life it sometimes doesn’t happen and we might have 2 in a month and none the next with work etc. We use this little tin box but you could use any pretty box or tin and get creative. We have a mix of at home and outside dates and they include:
Pizza making
DVD his choice and my choice
Bake a cake together
Beach picnic

We put them on a piece of paper and will take turns to choose, obviously if we pick an outside one and the weather doesn’t allow it we will just choose another.

You can tailor this to what you like to do together and how often you feel is right for you. I love the element of surprise as we never remember what we wrote on the paper

 12 things you love about each other
Again this is a very cheap and easy one to do and you can either take one out each month or when you have had a row which lets be honest we all do, you could take one out at this stage. I think this is such a cute idea and i think its one i will do this year for Mr Preener, as although i tell him constantly how much i love him it would be nice for him to see the reasons why.

Bake your partner a cake, cookies or their favourite dessert.
Why not get creative in the kitchen and treat your partner to their favourite cake etc. Even a simple Victoria sponge with some pink icing and sprinkles will melt their heart!

  A treasure hunt
This would be such a fab way to propose to someone wouldn’t it, but if you aren’t quite there yet then setting little notes even around your house leading to a gift could be soo cute. Just make sure the clues aren’t too hard!

Thats just a few little ideas to get you started with. Remember you don’t need one day to show your partner how much you care, and a wonderful gift doesn't have to cost the earth to be appreciated,so don’t feel pressure to spend lots of money to show you care.

Have a fab Valentines day whatever you get up to



  1. I made a gift last year. It was a heart made of glued together puzzle pieces. He was expecting a box of chocolates. I wasn't popular.
    I like the dates in a jar idea. I might make that this year, also instead of a box of chocolates.

  2. Such gorgeous ideas!