Tuesday, 15 December 2015

The Christmas Tag

HI lovelies, I hope you are all well and all ready for Santa coming!! I was tagged by the wonderful Jen from The Life and Style of Jen for tagging me to do the Christmas tag. I love Christmas but with it comes a mixture of joy and sadness, but I loved the questions in this tag all for different reasons, so thanks Jen for tagging me

Question 1
What’s your favourite Christmas movie?
This is easy for me, it has to be Home Alone but it’s a tough choice between 1 and 2, but I would have to say the original one. It may be a Christmas movie but I am not ashamed to say I could watch this all year round.

Question 2
Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
We always open our pressies on Christmas Day, but I do get to choose one to open in bed on Christmas Eve, it was a tradition as a child and it’s just carried on through till now, and I love it, although I must admit when I open one I just wanna rip the rest apart, please tell me it’s not only me who feels like this!

Question 3
Do you have a favourite Christmas memory?
For me this is a question tinged with sadness but is still a great memory. As most of you know I lost my mummy on paddys day 2011, she was very poorly and spent Christmas 2010 in hospital but defied the odds and got out in February. My mum adored Christmas, she loved everything about it and having her Christmas dinner was always her favourite part, so a few days before she passed she felt up to celebrating so I cooked a turkey and we had a full blown xmas day, she was so happy and to see her across that table is a memory I will cherish, unfortunately mum passed suddenly a few days later, but it was nearly like she held on to have her Christmas.
This picture was taken on xmas day 2010 she was such a character, the woman was so strong it was truly inspirational

Question 4
Favourite Christmas Food?
It has to be my trifle, it is so simple yet I could literally eat it till I am ill

Question 5
Favourite Christmas Gift
In terms of a physical gift that’s a toughie I have had some beautiful gifts through the years, but I think the main one was a stunning diamond bracelet that my hubby bought me just before our wedding at Christmas. It was made in the same design that my wedding band was, and it holds precious memories.
Another one that really sticks out was the Christmas of 2009 and mum and dad bought us a set of goats from the Oxfam unwrapped site. It was a lovely gift and now every xmas I buy goats or sheep in mums name and get a gorge card sent to daddy.

Question 6
Favourite Christmas Scent
This question is a fab one because every Christmas mum and dad would have taken me into town to get a bottle of perfume, it’s just a little tradition, and for the past few years I have been getting the Giorgio Armani She perfume, Dad and I were just in town a couple of days ago getting this years

Question 7
Have you any Christmas Eve traditions?
The biggest tradition at Christmas is that daddy and I still set the dinner table together. No one else gets to touch it and to this day we still do it. Normally there are a few tears shed but it’s one of those things that I won’t stop doing. This tradition is special to me, and it’s always been our little thing.

Question 8
What tops your tree?
The past few years since mum passed I have used her red angel as our topper, it doesn’t match with our teal and purple decorations but I don’t mind. Up till then it was a very old angel that was on mum and dad’s old tree, but it’s packed away safely for now. Although Mr. preener is hankering for a captain America shield for the top next year!

Question 9
As a kid what was the one extravagant gift you wanted but never received?
I have to admit, being an only child meant I was very very lucky at Christmas and in all honesty there wasn’t anything I wanted that I never got, gosh I sound spoilt don’t I!

Question 10
What’s the best part of Christmas for you?
Before mummy passed it was just all of us sitting round opening gifts, watching TV etc, but now the main part of our day is our service in church then our visit to the grave to release balloons and lay flowers. It’s just a time to share, to cry and to share some memories and thoughts. Presents come and go but those few minutes at the cemetery last a lifetime for me

Just a little throw back pic here for you all, I look happy but supposedly i was terrified!!

So that’s all the answers, and I have to admit there are a few tears, but I think it’s good to remember the good times we all shared at Christmas.

I would like to tag

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  1. Ah Alison I had tears in my eyes reading about you having Christmas dinner for your Mam. Love Home Alone too.... I'm not a big fan of trifle though. Have a lovely day on Christmas Eve getting the table together with your Dad xx I love Christmas Eve xx Siobhan