Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Story Horse Belfast

Hey my lovelies, I hope you are all really well!
Today I have a lovely post on a wonderful business based in Belfast called Story Horse, you may have heard me raving about this brand on social media recently, so read on to see why.

Story Horse is a great brand whose ethos of having fun, getting your boots muddy and creating memories is embedded in their site and their products reflect this ideal. Recently the company had a beautiful A/W launch, and unfortunately I was unable to attend, so the lovely ladies at Story Horse sent me the most gorgeous package. In the package was the Twist and Turn Slouch Socks in Teal and the gorgeous Breezy Day Wallet in a bright and cheerful purple and yellow colour.

To say I was over the moon was an understatement, these gifts couldn't have come at a better time. Cosy socks to keep my tootsies warm and a lovely purse to keep all my pennies safe!

The teal twist and turn socks retail at £25 and they are the softest and cosiest socks I have ever used. These have the cutest grey pom poms on them and are made with 50% wool which makes them super warm. The lining is cosy and I promise you wont have cold feet with these! The teal and the grey work in perfect contrast, and I have spent lots of time snuggled up on the sofa with these on, even hubby has been looking at them thinking could he steal them on me!

The Breezy Day Wallet retails at £25 and is a gorgeous yet practical wallet. I don't know about you, but some purses these days may be lovely to look at but in reality they aren't that practical, either they are too big, not enough card slots or not a good zip. Well trust me this one is fab. Its very sturdy and has 14 card slots, which is fab. Plus they have their name on the zipper which is a great little addition and great promotion for the company.

So thanks to the lovely ladies at Story Horse I have cosy feet and a fab purse for the winter. If you would like to check out the items you can buy the wallet here and the socks here

You can find Story Horse at the following links:

Let me know what you think and if you head to the website, let me know your favourite items.

Lots of love
Ali xxx


Saturday, 7 November 2015

Can exercise help stress? guest post by David McKinley PT

Hey my lovelies, today I have another post from my fab friend David a personal trainer who has been kind enough to write a couple of posts for you all. Today is all about stress and how doing some exercise can help aleviate it. Obviously before entering into any exercise you should seek professional and medical advice.


So in the last blog we looked at some of the factors that can influence how stressed you are and the effect that can have on your body. Can we eliminate stress completely, in short no. If we could I would be looking for a way to monetise it and live on an island.        


While not being able to get rid of it we can however try and reduce it or at least it’s affect on our bodies. A lot of people these days will revert to things like a pill or alcohol as a way of reducing stress, these are however quite destructive them selves and come with some effects. I always recommend Exercise as a great way of affecting stress so let’s look at some of the reasons why. 

Exercise in any form has a huge impact for good on your mind and body. We know this right? I’m not telling you anything new. The problem from what everyone is telling me is that they are so stressed and so short of time that you don’t have the ability to fit this great tool in to your schedule. (We will address this in the third instalment) So first of all why is Exercise so good for you?
Endorphins: Exercise pumps up your brain to release some of the ‘feel good’ hormones called Endorphins, we have all heard of these, Chocolate also releases these but unlike chocolate exercise doesn’t add extra calories in to your diet. I’m not saying don’t eat chocolate by the way. 😀 Meditation: Think of it as meditation in motion. You will find that after a run, jog or a few laps of a swimming pool that whatever stress of the day you had when you went in doesn’t seem as stressful anymore and have started to drift away a bit. Partly this is because for that short time you are concentrating on just the movement you’re are doing or your breathing. For me that’s why I personally like lifting weights, I focus on form and breathing during it and whatever I was thinking about before goes right out of my head.

This idea of focusing on something repetitive is a big part of meditation. I won’t talk about that any further now because I could do a whole other post on that! Confidence and Mindset: Exercise can increase your mood on a day to day basis. Think of the scenario, you are unhappy with your body which you are in 24 hours a day, this can massively effect your mood. So lets imagine that instead of focusing on the scales you start running and you start small by trying to walk a mile everyday and then increase it to the point where you are able to do your first 5K. You body will have changed so much in that time you will feel much more confident about it and with hitting new records over time for how long or fast you can run you will also gain confidence in your own ability. This all has a carry over in to your daily mood and how you approach something, if you have gone from struggling to walk a mile to running a 5K you can bet when you are presented with a challenge somewhere else in your life you will feel better about overcoming it.

I know what you might be thinking - “Alright, we get it, I need to exercise but I’m really busy”
Don’t worry I’ve got your back. In the next post I will talk about my 10 ways to get a little more exercise in your day.

If you want to ask me any questions about Health, nutrition, or fitness in general you can drop me an email - David@sustainablefitnescoach.com Like the Facebook page and send me a message on there — www.facebook.com/sustainablefitnesscoach I’m also on Instagram - @sustainablefitnesscoach
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