Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Girls Night In with Vita Coco NI

Hey my lovelies

So what’s better than a girlie night in watching a great DVD and gossiping, add in some cocktails!! We are well into October now and I hate to say it but Winter is coming, but we can relive our summer memories with a  girlie cocktail night using some beautiful Vita Coco NI coconut water lemonade.
All you need is your fave girls, some cheesy music and a few ingredients and you have a great night in.

Vita Coco Coconut water lemonade is made with lemon purree and coconut water, and it is so refreshing and yummy! It really reminds me of the old fashioned lemonade you would have got that has that real genuine lemon taste to it. At the minute I am really trying to up my water intake, and sometimes have one of the little 330ml cartons as a treat at night, as it feels I am getting something naughty.

Talking about naughty lets get on to the girls night, so grab your girls and read on for some fun cocktail ideas. I have given these random girly names so i hope you like them.

Fashionably Fruity
This cocktail is a fusion of fruit, Malibu rum and cocnut lemonade. For this i would recommend per person
150ml cocnut lemonade
35ml Malibu
Strawberry liquer to taste
Sprig of mint

This might be too much cocnut for some but if you add the mint in, it will cut through it making it not as sweet. I would serve this in a tall glass over crushed ice.

Luxuriously Lucious
This would be my favourite and includes prosecco. I would suggest a glass of prsecco with maybe 50ml of the lemonade just to give it a kick. You can also add in some grenadine to this one or a fwe strawberries.

Obviously not everyone drinks, and in all honesty my hangovers get so bad that i get put off drinking these days, but i do love a mocktail or two.

Refresh Yourself
Here you can use the 330ml carton of lemonade, with a little sugar syrup, strawberries and a squeeze of lime. I think these combinations of flabours together would be so refreshing and tasty.
In my opinion the best way to drink this lemonade is in a tall glass over lots of ice, pink umbrella is optional!

Sometimes a drink doesn't need fancy flavours and added flavours and the coconut lemonade is one of them. It could easily pass off as something more luxurious!

So i hope if you get your girls together you try these cocktails, or even if you make your own variation let me know

Lots of love gorgeous preeners

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