Tuesday, 4 August 2015

The Body Shop Camomile Cleansing Butter Review

Hi my lovelies hope you are all having a fab day! So before I get into todays post, I have news! I bought my own domain passionsandpreening is now a dot com, how fancy I hear you say!! Also I will be changing design and layout the next few weeks so there is change ahead for this wee blog!

Today I have a review of the Body Shop Cleansing Butter which has become a firm favourite in my routine the past few months. It was the first balm cleanser I have tried and I have to say I have been converted.  It is said to be a good cheaper alternative to the Clinique Take The Day off Balm which is pricey at £22 for 155ml of product in comparison to the £13 for 90ml for the Body Shop. The Body Shop have offers on throughout the year where you can get 30% off and if you are on o2 mobile network then you can sometimes get o2 priority moments to get the same discounts.

So what do I actually think of the cleanser?

I use this at night time, if I am wearing heavy makeup I use the cleansing oil in the same range first and follow with this, but if it is light or none at all I will just do a single cleanse with the balm. You will find out what works best for you. It is really gentle and I can rub it over my sensitive eyes with no irritation whatsoever which is a huge plus for me. Obviously everyones eyes are different and you should take care when using it to initially see how your eyes work with it and stop using on eye area if any irritation occurs. It easily melts make up off and is gentle to take off.

I take a pea size amount in my palm and it turns from solid to a lovely oil as you apply. With the balm I use my Magnitone Lucid and I feel this really works it into the skin well. I will then rinse off well using a warm muslin cloth.

One thing I would say is even if you rinse well there is still a small film feeling on your skin. This may put a lot of people off, but as I use this at night it doesn’t bother me and I feel it just gives another layer of hydration.

Overall I really like this butter cleanser, it leaves my skin clean and requires minimal effort on my part.  I think it offers great value for money and the tin will last a good while.

Have you tried this cleanser or is there anything else you would recommend?

Ali xxxx


  1. This sounds great but I really dislike the scent of it!
    Charlotte // charbeautypicks.blogspot.com