Thursday, 23 July 2015

Sisterhood of the World Blogger Tag

Hello my lovelies, I hope you are all doing fab today. I was tagged this week by the beautiful and talented blogger Maeve from Thrift O'clock to do the Sisterhood of the world bloggers tag, this is a great way to get to know a little more about all the fab bloggers out there, so thanks Maeve for letting me have the chance to do this! X

So the rules are…
- Thank the blogger who nominated you & share their link.
 - Answer the 10 questions you've been given.
 - Come up with 10 questions of your own.
 - Nominate up to 10 bloggers & spread the love!


I would like to tag

Suzanne So Sue Me

Kathleen Squidgymoments

I tagged these ladies, as I feel their blogs are fab and really send out a great message xx

My Questions

 1 // What song can you put on and instantly feel good?

Without a doubt my wedding song, I’ve had the time of my life from Dirty Dancing. It was the first song Mr Preener and I kissed to and just brings back amazing memories!

 2 // Do you prefer sweet or savoury snacks?

Sweet without a doubt, give me a dessert over a meal any day!!

 3 // If you could go back to any time in history, when & where would it be?

In terms of historical events I would love to go back to when the internet was invented and give that man a huge squeeze!! In terms of personal history it would be to when my mummy was still with us and was healthy and enjoying life.

 4 // What were some of your favourite TV shows when you were younger?

Button moon, Count Duckula and Sooty Sweep and Sue where high on the list. I loved bananman too, I see myself on youtube some nights with hubby looking at old 80’s cartoons. We could spend hours doing it!

 5 // What's something you're proud of?

Taking the courage to go back to university. I had to leave when my M.E took very severe and I always wanted to have a degree. So I went back 2 years ago and I am nearly finished a business degree.

 6 // Do you prefer to plan things or be spontaneous?

I am a serial planner. I need to where I am going, when and how etc. I am the sirt of person who has itinerary’s for holidays, who plans everything, and lists are my best friend!!

 7 // What was the best thing about your day today?

Well its only 7.47am but without a doubt the best thing is I got up and dressed on my own which at the minute is a big woohoooo. I am heading to a hospital appointment an hour away and dad is taking me, so spending some time with him even in a car is gonna be good!

 8 // If you could only wear one outfit for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Honestly I would have to say pyjamas; if I am not out I normally stay in jammies all day!!

 9 // What's your earliest memory?

Sitting in a steel bath tub in my backyard!! How random huh

 10 // How do you like your tea?

Definitely quite strong, nothing worse than a cup of milky dishwater mummy would have said!!

My questions for my nominees

1/ What is your favourite candle?

2/ Guilty Pleasure TV show?

3/ What’s the most used app on your phone?

4/ Who was the last person you texted?

5/ What makes you smile?

6/ Favourite place to shop?

7/ Are you a planner or do you wing it?

8/ What’s the best piece of advice you could give someone?

9/ Favourite food?

10/ What makes you blog?

Thanks loads to Maeve for the tag, its lovely to get to know the person behind the blog. I hope all the ladies I have tagged get a wee chance to do this! Go check out all their blogs, they are all fab, knowledgeable and have a great writing style and personality

Love to you all
Ali xxx

Monday, 13 July 2015

Dry Lip Saviour

Hey my lovelies, hope you are all doing fab today.

Dry, flaky lips how appealing sounding, but this is something that a lot of us struggle with daily. I certainly do unfortunately. Normally the winter plays havoc with lips but for some reason all year round I suffer. I think a lot of it is due to medication which gives me dry skin and the fact I sleep with my mouth open (was that too much info woops)

I used to just apply and reapply lip balm and boy have I tried some amount of different ones over the years, but a couple of years ago I heard about lip scrubs and the benefits they could have.  I decided to give this Lush scrub a try, and I have never looked back.

So, fast forward to today and I am using my lush lip scrub every other day along with either the Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream or the palmers lip balm. I recently did a post on the palmers lip balm if you would like to check it out.

Lush do the scrubs in loads of different flavours including bubblegum and mint julip. I normally always use the mint julip as I find the bubblegum too sweet, but I know a lot of people who adore this one. One thing I love about this scrub is its all natural and if you happen to lick a bit you won’t be in for a shock. Between you and me manys a time I have licked it off my lips and had to reapply but sssshhh don’t tell!!

The scrub itself comes in a little round glass pot and for £5.50 you get 25g of product and it is the perfect addition to your skincare routine. If I am heading out and using a matte lipstick or one I know is a little bit drying, I will make sure and do a little extra scrub with Mint Julip and apply some balm in preparation.

£5.50 to me is worth it because I wouldn’t be the sort of person to make my own but if you would like to try one for yourself a great simple recipe is:

2 tsp of brown sugar
½ tsp honey
1 tsp olive oil
¼ tsp mint extract or any other flavouring you fancy
Mix the honey and oil first, then slowly add in the sugar and gently mix. Now you can add in your flavouring and depot into a little jar. These can be picked up in lots of shops. You could use mini jam jars also or anything that takes your fancy.  When you want to use it just scoop a little out and rub on lips for 15 seconds then rinse off.

I really think using a scrub regularly will keep on top of flakiness and using a good quality balm will help keep the moisture locked in.

Hopefully you have found this review helpful, let me know if you use these Lip scrubs or make your own. Now I am off to scrub mine!

Ali x

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Arrested and sent to Jail

Hey my lovelies
Today my post is all about jail, judges and handcuffs!! No its not the start of the next Mr Grey but my contribution to an amazing local charity campaign!
Let me set the scene, it was a cold December morning and I was doing my “caring caretaker sit out” shift. Every year David Boyle a local man with a huge heart does a sit out the month of December in our local town from morning till evening through rain, snow and hail all in aid of some amazing charities. Unfortunately Davey had to bring in volunteers to help due to ill health and I was only too happy to help out. Davey asked me to get involved in this years “Jail and Bail Campaign”. This is where members of the public get “arrested” and have to raise bail money to stay out of jail. Boiler suits, handcuffs and policemen I was sold!!
February came and the campaign was launched, my bail was set at £500 and I had until June to complete it then hand myself over to the judge.
I decided I needed to do a few things, one being a big raffle. Anyone who knows me knows I love hosting a good raffle and I was very lucky to get amazing prizes from the following companies. I will never say enough thanks to them for their support.
Excuse Harlequin!!!

Check out the amazing companies below and go see what they have to offer.
Wet n Wild hamper Wet n Wild
2hr clean from Shauna Clohessey
Bella Mia Jewellery Set BellaMia
Handmade clutch bag Fiona Fiona McToal Millinery
Massage from Brian Mahon Brian 
Wedding Room Voucher The Wedding Room
Room 2 race voucher Room 2 Race
Clc one month membership CLC
Bellisle spa treatment Bellisle
Energie fitness one month membership Energie
Heart and home jewellery holder  Heart and Home
£100 photobooth voucher Beatz Entertainment Beatz
Gel Polish Trim Tone Tan Trim Tone Tan
£10 Moores Voucher Moores
£10 Whitehouse Voucher Whitehouse
Blow Dry Victoria Hairdressing Victoria Hairdressing
L’Oreal Hair Oil Victoria Hairdressing
L’Oreal Gift Set Victoria Hairdressing
Top Meats Voucher Top Meats
Reed Diffuser from Dixons Coleraine Dixons
Coleraine Castles Bouncy Castle Hire 0745170033
Bob n Berts Voucher Bob n Berts
Traceys Treats Voucher Tracey
2 hand painted glasses by Lilas 07863343565
Triangle Castles Voucher Darren
T Sports Voucher Tsports
Bodyshop Gift set
2x £25 Meal Voucher Andy Frankie and Bennys Coleraine Restaurant
McDonalds Vouchers
Slendertoxtea Detox Tea  Site
Seascape Gifts Seascape
Shenanigans Meal Voucher Shenanigans
Rayanne Beauty Voucher Rayannes
Paul Logan Tennis Voucher Paul
Seriously Juicy NI kindly offered a 3 day juice detox and I decided to offer this as an auction prize.  Reports from the winner were amazing, definitely something I am thinking about trying. Go check them out Seriously Juicy
So I knew I needed to get the word out about the raffle and auction so I took to facebook and twitter. I also decided to hold a girls night in mine and I would like to thank Brian Mahon and Sharon Collins Kyle for being the massage therapists for the night and Kirsty from Flawless Beauty for doing Gel Polish on the night. Thanks to my wonderful girlies for all their support that night!!
The event was fab and between the auction, girls night, raffle and sponsorship, I was able to raise £560 which I was thrilled about.
So Saturday 13th June came around, and I slipped into my gorgeous boiler suit and headed to my church to get sentenced and hand my bail money in. The PSNI support this cause every year and without them it wouldn’t be as big a success as it is. All of the prisoners were individually handcuffed and led up to the judge in waiting, who then grilled me as to how I raised the money and asked could he get an invite to the next girls night!
We then were released and waited on everyone else to submit bail. We were then paraded around Coleraine town centre with police in tow on a busy Saturday afternoon.
Overall it was a fantastic experience and the money I raised goes into Daveys yearly fund to get split between the following charities
Menengitis Research Foundation
Childrens Heartbeat Trust
Robinson Hospital
Children to Lapland Trust
Willies Orphan Fund
A special little mention has to go to Andy the manager from Coleraine Frankie and Bennys, he offered to bring pizzas down to all the inmates on the day of sentencing but the judge let us go early!!  I was truly overwhelmed by the generosity of all my friends, and companies who supported me, without you all I couldn’t have contributed to this amazing cause.
Please go check out all of the above companies and charities and if you fancy getting involved next year let me know and I will pass on details to Davey.
Once again thank you, you all know how much my charity work means to me, the boilersuit is in the bin and my wrists have recovered from the cuffs!!
Ali xxxxxx
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