Friday, 30 January 2015

Random Acts of Kindness Day

Hey my lovelies!!
Hope you are all well
I am sitting here thinking back on last Wednesday the 21st January 2015 and a huge smile comes across my face, this was the day that I felt that I gave something back into the world as a thanks for saving Scott, mine and our friends lives the night of the accident on the 13th December 2014. I wont go into details about the accident, all my thoughts etc are on my youtube channel linked below, but what I will say is that I wholeheartedly feel that we took a lot of luck and positivity out of the world and I felt that I needed to put something back in. I was nosying on youtube a couple of weeks ago and came across videos on random acts of kindness. It is a huge thing in Canada and USA but its not as widely known here, then I just thought why don’t scott and I do something like this.
So basically I said to Scott I had this fab idea and he was really on board, he doesn’t hold the same religious faith that I do but he strongly felt that we had people looking over us that night etc. We had to make a list of the acts of kindess we wanted to do and came up with the following:
1)      Take warm drinks to workmen
2)      Chocolate to police station
3)      Chocolate to fire station
4)      Chocolate to A&E staff
5)      Chocoalte to Cornary Care Staff
6)      Chocolate to local ambulance service staff
7)      Pay for someones Starbucks
8)      Pay for someones McDonalds
9)      Leave money for a kid to have a free game in an amusement centre
10)   Pay for someones parking
11)   Leave weight watchers biscuits for my group
12)   Leave lucky pennys at each destination
There were reasons for some of them, and some of them were just things that we thought on. I was very nervous about doing it, because I didn’t know how it would be received, but in all honesty looking back now I really shouldn’t have had a worry, everyone was so happy about it and loved the idea, which made me more relaxed for the next act etc.
Looking back now I am so happy that we decided to do this, I truly feel if we all could do one small thing daily whether it be a smile at a stranger, a wee hello, a coffee treat for a friend, I honestly feel the world would be a happier place, and we all need a bit of happiness in our lives.
Since doing the day of kindness I have had some negativity over it saying I was only doing it for blog promotion, but nowhere was my blog mentioned and the only reason it went on YouTube was because initially it was too long to upload on Facebook. For the couple of nasty comments all I can say is Haters gonna hate, and now thinking about it I couldn’t care less, it was a totally selfless thing and it was amazing to say thankyou to a lot of people who make a difference in our community.
If you want to see the video that we compiled of the day you can head to my channel
Below are some pictures of how the day panned out, it really was worth the nerves etc!

All I can ask is that you think about how it can make you happy and how it can make another person happy!
Lots of love to you all
Ali xxx
If you do any random acts of kindness please let me know, and come say hello on my social media xx


  1. What a lovely idea! I love your blog and I have followed you with Bloglovin. If you ever get a chance to check out my blog I would be delighted, thanks!

    Camille xo

    1. Hi Camille
      Thanks for the comment, course I will check your blog xxx

  2. Your good deads involve lots of chocolate giving, I like that, haha. Seriously, what a sweet thing to do.

  3. This is such a good idea! I'm going to have a think and do this soon, it's amazing what you can do to make someones day. I always try to smile while I'm walking around town sometimes it can make such a difference.

    Sam, SPRKSAM

  4. This is such a lovely thing to do. x