Sunday, 18 January 2015

Nanshy Marvel 4 in 1 Beauty Blending Sponge Review

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First of all i would like to say thanks to the wonderful people at Nanshy for sending me their 4 in 1 beauty blender to review. The first thing I noticed when I opened the package was how sleek and glam the box was. It’s really luxurious looking and definitely looks more than the £5.95 price tag. I have used a couple of other beauty blenders before so I was very interested to see how this would stand up to the industry leaders.

This sponge can be used for liquid and cream foundation and cream blushers; I thought I would give it a go with my old faithful Mac Studio Fix Fluid.

The blender itself is a gorgeous light blue green colour and it is so soft due to its micro pore formulation, but it feels different to the other blenders, its texture is softer and when dampened down it retains its soft texture. This is a blender like no other due to its unique shape, one thing I really don’t like about my other blenders is that it rolls everywhere and when I am trying to dry it after washing but due to the shape of the bottom of the Nanshy blender it stays in place perfect, this is such a plus because you want your blender to dry even and back into its proper shape, not squished onto its side.  Its rounded bottom is perfect for blending the product over the larger areas of the face and I found that due to its unique “waist” the grip I was able to get with it meant I had a lot more control over the application of my foundation. Its pointed tip was perfect for in and around my nose.

In terms of application of the foundation it performed well, I felt that the blender picked up a good amount of foundation, but it didn’t soak it all in at all which is great because we don’t want any lost product do we lovelies!

 I did find myself reaching for my foundation brush to just buff it in a bit more as I don’t like the feeling of it just sitting on my skin opposed to buffed into the skin but that is more a personal preference than a must.

When I finished applying my foundation and went to clean the blender I feel that this was the only area that it let itself down on, it took quite a bit of cleaning to get the water running clear and the foundation did stain it like any of the others I have used, but in no way would that put me off recommending it. It dried well and evenly and since then I have been using it plus my Real Techniques expert face brush as a buffer after the blender.

Overall I feel this is a great blender to add to your collection, the grip aspect was enough to sell it to me and the added sides really make it have a unique selling point, if I was you I would go grab one! You can get it here Marvel Blending Sponge it doesn’t launch until February but you can preorder now!

If you get one let me know what you think.

Thanks again to Nanshy for giving me the opportunity to review this fab product

Ali x


  1. What a neat-looking sponge. I've always used the original Beauty Blender but I'm open to trying new things :-)

    1. Would definitely recommend giving it a go Melissa xx

  2. Is it the same material as the original one ?