Saturday, 13 December 2014

Decleor Aroma Cleanse Exfoliating Cream Review

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This is one of these posts that i had to do, no doubt about it, i have found my holy grail exfoliator!!
I was talking with a friend about exfoliators and was discussing how my skin reacts very easily to exfoliants and he asked had I ever tried a cream exfoliator. He offered to send me a sample to try, so this is not a paid review or anything, he works in the beauty industry and was able to send me something to try, this was even before my blog started! But now I feel that this product warrants a full review!
My skin is very dry in patches but with an oily tzone, so I am always happy to see if I can find the perfect exfoliator for me, without having to harshly rub at my face. I always wondered how a cream could exfoliate well, but I was without a doubt proved wrong! This has massive pros and cons, but for me personally the result it gives outweighs the cons.
The bottle is the gorgeous yellow colour famous with the brand, and it comes in a 50ml squeezy tube. Its so cute and easy to use.
 The cream itself is pretty thick and I was initially concerned about how much I would need to cover my face, I dispersed a little and started on my cheeks and soon realised that it spread well. You have to get a nice amount on your face to give a good exfoliation, so on my first attempt I think I put too little on as it was patchy in areas as it started to dry. I started to gently rub my face in circular motions and was amazed and horrified at the same time as to how much dry skin came off. I thought I exfoliated well, how wrong was I!!  The negative I will say is that in areas like my chin and nose I felt that I had to rub pretty hard to get it off, which concerned me. When it was all off, the areas that I had rubbed harder were definitely redder and more sensitive, but a good slather of intensive moisturiser sorted that out! This without any shadow of a doubt is the best exfoliator I have used on my face. Even my husband said my skin looked very fresh after it, so it must be doing something right for him to notice! I have been using this over 3 months now and I am as happy with it today as I was the first time I used it.
Without a doubt I would recommend this to anyone who has issues with sensitivity, but one thing I would say is ensure you gently rub it; a gentle circular motion is all that’s needed. Then afterwards make sure you moisturise well to keep your skin in tip top shape.
Has anyone else tried this product, or do you guys have any of suggestions? Let me know
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  1. I've never heard of this but I'm always looking for new skin care products to try. If I ever purchase this, at least I'll know how to use it! x

  2. It's great, I highly recommend it x

  3. This exfoliator sounds pretty perfect. I think I have a similar skin type to yourself, dry patches and a slightly oily t-zone towards the end of the day, so here's hoping I can get my mitts on it and give it a try. Such a lovely honest review and a fantastic blog!

  4. Kate,thanks for the feedback, if you try it let me know how you get on x

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